GFE sex story, Showing my undying love for you!

GFE sex story, Showing my undying love and affection for you! I am your Fiance and I know how hard you work to support us. So every day I want to show you how much I love and appreciate you. I want our love to be everlasting. You come home after a particularly rough day at work and you just want to relax. So I do everything in my power to make you feel comfortable. I bring you your favorite beer that I had picked up for you earlier that day just to surprise you and I bring it to you as you relax in your lazy boy recliner. So if you are into Cum eating phone sex you are going to love this.

After you drink a few beers and are feeling less frustrated with the day, I come to sit on your lap and show you how much I missed you. I kiss you on the lips and tell you I love you as I begin to unbutton your shirt. Revealing your toned chest I begin to kiss my way down your body. I slide to my knees in front of your chair and pull your pants down. I can’t wait to feel your throbbing hard cock inside my mouth.

GFE sex story, Let me show you how much I love you!

As I pull down your pants your cock pops out with a semi Bonner. Because you are such an amazing man I just want to show you how I feel. I open my mouth and take your cock in my mouth sucking on you as I bob up and down on your yummy cock. Closing your eyes you enjoy every single sensation of my mouth wrapped around you. Tasting pre-cum in my mouth, So I start sucking harder and faster, bringing deep moaning sounds from your throat. Grabbing the back of my head you drive my throat down ever throbbing inch of you so you can cum balls deep in my mouth.

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