I never was one to focus in school, let alone get any work done.

I always had other things on my mind… Like I wonder what Mr. Fitz looked like naked, how big was his cock? I thought about how he could satisfy my young desires for him.  English had always been my favorite subject, probably just because I had hot teachers. I came up with a very sneaky plan, I decided to write stories, sexy, naughty stories.. that hopefully, Mr. Fitz would proofread for me. Each story hinting how much I was craving to be taught a sticky one-on-one lesson from him. This plan was the perfect way into his pants.

When I went home that night I began writing nasty stories about what I wanted to do to Mr. Fitz.

I fantasized about being fucked on top of his desk and getting the other students’ homework all sticky. Mmm staying late after to class daily to be taught a lesson by my favorite teacher. As I kept writing my stories got dirtier, and nastier. My fantasies became more real, I became obsessed. I was so excited to share my stories with Mr. Fitz and see his reactions to my role play erotica that was all about him.


desk, fucking, sticky, professor

I decided to share my first story with him, approaching him a little nervous after all the other students have left.

I asked if he could proofread some stories I was writing for a website and if he had any tips for me. He was overjoyed to help me, which isn’t a surprise I hardly show any interest in school so he thought I was turning over a new leaf. I was leaning over his shoulder as he began to read my first story about being bent over his desk and screaming loudly, grabbing the edges and holding on tight while he fucked me from behind. He began to get really stiff in his seat and started clearing his throat.

I moved a little closer and asked what he thought.

“Is this about me, Nina?” Before I could respond he grabs my face and pulls me in for a very wet, passionate kiss. My body feeling electrified, my deep desires becoming reality. Instantly my pussy was wet, I watched as his cock got stiff and held tight against his pants. Moving his chair back and crawling on top oh him. Moving my hands down and unbuttoning his pants, so excited to finally see his erection and do whatever I please with it. His pre-cum is sticky in his boxer briefs. I stand up and remove my clothes, and he finishes taking his pants off…

I slide down on my knees and begin to deep throat his delicious cock, him moaning and holding onto my head..

Then I could feel his body tensing up and his moaning let me know it felt good. I have wanted this since seeing him in the hallway freshman year. Having naughty dreams about him and waking up all sticky in my bed. He grabs my hair and pulls me up, he slams me against his desk, bends me over pushing my face against paperwork, and fucks me in my asshole, thrusting hard against my body and slamming me against his cluttered desk. I try to grab onto some paperwork and crumple some of the assignments that have yet to be graded. Harder, and faster… I’m cumming all over!

As he finishes inside me, cum dripping out of my tight asshole..

We definitely made a sticky mess, I can’t wait until he reads my next story…

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