So the other day I got one of little letters we all dread a summons for fucking Jury Duty; and of course it had to be on the day that I was gonna go to the tanning booth.  I wished I could get out of but I thought there was no way I could get out of Jury Duty tomorrow and I was fucked!

So the next day I got up early, put on my cutest mini dress and drove to the courthouse.  Within 15 minutes of walking through the door all 12 of us were escorted into the empty court room.  Giving each of us a little questionnaire to fill out in those uncomfortable chairs, out of the corner of my eye all the male jurors could barely keep their eyes on the paper.  After I handed back my questionnaire the judge to the bailiff to bring me into his chambers.  After the bailiff closed the door behind me, I asked him if there was a problem with my answers shaking his head he responded “no.”  Offering me a seat he said he noticed me when I walked into the court room and he just wanted to speak to me privately for moment.

That’s when the Judge asked me if I really wanted to serve on the jury for this upcoming case, I was bluntly honest looking him in the eye and said “no”.  He chuckled as his eyes locked on to my rock hard nipples asking if I wanted to just leave.  “Of course” I answered “I need to get a tan” licking his lips the Judge shocked me with what he said next.  “Okay Miss, I will let you let you leave if you lift up your dress and show me those panties you got on.”   I knew I couldn’t argue with a Judge so I grabbed the hem of my dress and showed him my pink lace panties. His eyes almost popped out of his head, coming around his desk pulling down my dress making my tits pop right out.  Grabbing my nipple with his lips the Judge started to make them hard while rubbing my clit through my panties.

I was getting pretty wet with every second pulling my panties to the side the 40 year old Judge got on his knees tongue fucking my tight little slit.  I  could feel my knees getting weak pulling him off his knees I kissed him deeply tasting my pussy on his tongue laying myself across his desk.  Lifting up his robe, unzipping his suit pants and took out all 8 inches of rock hard cock.  He was my little pussy so hard his desk was screeching on the floor.  Just as he was about to shoot his thick load he pulled his cock out of my pussy and turned me over to shove it my ass filling it with every drop of his warm cum.