I dropped in on a friend of mine and they seemed to be entertaining, so I I’d call them later and we could get together another night, they said don’t be silly come on in, so I did. They had just ordered some pizza, as several boxes were on the counter, many bottles of wine and some yummy looking desserts one of the girls had brought. I had some pizza and wine and some of the brownies and felt soooo good. I then noticed everyone looking a little blurry and laughing so loudly and I felt my own speech was a bit slurred and mentioned this to my friend, she started laughing and said the brownies, there was pot in the brownies!I was getting high!


cj Getting High

I wasn’t much one for getting high around strangers.I am definitely the type that likes to chill and smoke with a friend or 2, I did love to drink God knows, but this had sort of taken me by surprise. Yet I was really enjoying the feeling, so had a few more brownies. Everyone seemed so happy, it was fun! I was so hungry, I just kept eating and eating and having more wine, those were the fucking best brownies I ever had in my life. I was sitting on a sofa with a guy on either side of me, I didn’t even know their names, and I reached over and started to kiss one, he certainly didn’t seem to mind, then I turned the other direction and started to kiss the other one, and he didn’t mind either!

I was feeling so horny all of a sudden and I wanted to fuck. If this was like partying usually is, I needed to do it more often. I reached over to them both and started to rub their cocks in each hand that I’d pulled out of their pants, they were both so hard and I wanted to please them both. I looked around and some of the other people were fucking and getting high as well, so why not? I got down on the floor between them and alternately blew them right then and there as strangers looked on, I was rubbing and sucking their cocks and it felt amazing and they loved it too.

I then felt someone’s hand on my ass, pulling my skirt up and panties down, I didn’t even look over my shoulder to see who it was, I was just concentrating on the good feelings I was giving and now getting, I felt a cock slide inside of me, but I don’t know who’s it was, but they felt long and thick and pleased my pussy as they fucked me there on all fours on the rug. I felt like such a whore, but it felt so good. The first guy came right down my throat, the other on my face. The guy fucking me was doing a good job and I soon came on his cock very hard. It was kind of a surreal evening for certain, it wasn’t like me to be getting high and have sex with strangers, but sometimes you just have to let things flow and go with it and I had a hot time and will be sure to ask for that brownie recipe!

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