Hank is the type of guy who loves Public Sex so you should never turn your back on him because he only has one thing on his mind and isn’t shy about letting you know it.

 I was just minding my own business at the mall not thinking about sex or Public Sex when he came up and started flirting with me. He was the confident type who knew he could get any women he wanted and I kind of liked how strong he came on to me but I really wanted to finish shopping.

I was looking for a new dress to go out clubbing in and there were so many stores I wanted to hit up so I nicely told him I wasn’t interested and moved on.

I was so enchanted by clothes, shoes and makeup stores that I didn’t notice him following me. So I found a couple of things and decided to stop for a lunch break before continuing my shopping spree so I headed for the bathrooms to freshen up first. They were at the back of the mall, down a long hallway and that’s when I figured out what he was doing.

 I heard someone behind me as I walked down the hallway and looked behind me.

I thought it was funny that we’d ran into each other again. But he was staring at me in a way that told me it wasn’t an accident. I stopped and turned to him, smiling and asking him if he wanted to join me for lunch. He grinned, made sure we were alone and shook his head. “Well, what do you want?” I asked and he pulled me into the corner, my back pressing against his chest.

 He took my bags out of my hand, put them on the floor then reached in front of me. I was trapped in his arms. He leaned forward, saying in my ear that he wanted Public Sex and he wanted it with me. I could faintly hear the sound of other shoppers walking by. I got scared that we’d get caught, the least we could do was go in the bathroom for some privacy but he really wanted to do this in public.

He snapped open my jeans, tugged the zipper down and shoved his hand into my panties.

His hand was big and cold. I shivered against him as he went lower, cupping my pussy in his hand. I pulled my jeans lower on my hips to make more room to move and parted my legs wider. His middle finger pushed inside my pussy and he pumped it up and down slowly, making me wet.

 I wanted him to hurry up and I moaned as I told him to get on with it. I tried to keep an eye out for people as he slid his index finger in too. He thrust them together as I found it harder to concentrate and pushed my hips down to get more of him. His fingertips brushed over my clit. I gasped which made him put his other hand around my mouth to keep me quiet.

 He gave me a few more thrusts then hooked his fingers by my clit, making his fingers press lightly against it. I whimpered as he began pressing harder. His fingers massaging my clit faster and faster as I tried to keep control. My pussy gushed and ached as he kept touching that little spot and I fell into him as I came.

 When I was done he pushed me away and I fixed my jeans. He sucked his fingers clean and disappeared into the men’s room. I’m guessing he rubbed out a quick one while my scent still lingered on him.

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