I recently got to see a picture of Jillian’s father. I was pleasantly surprised at how attractive he was. Apparently his cocks nick name is Thor. I just HAD to get a look at his dick, I needed to know what was so amazing about this cock that it was graced the title Thor.

She invited me over for dinner and I got to see her father and mother again. I made sure to sit next to  her dad and wear a nice short skirt. Her mother was in the kitchen helping Jillian so I took it upon myself to be a little more flirty. I slid down the chair a bit more so my skirt pulled up more. You could see the tip of my panties showing. He definitely took notice and stared at my pussy. I was speaking to him and fiddling with my glass. I was touching it in a sexual way. Stroking it and looking from him to his crotch. I glanced at the kitchen and saw Jillian and her mother still busy. I took the chance to move my hand to his leg. His muscles flexed, as I went higher. I finally got my hand on his cock and gave it a firm squeeze. He was so thick and long. I slowly unzipped his pants and started to stroke his cock.

He moved his hand between my legs and dipped his fingers inside of my pussy and started to finger fuck me fast. He bent his fingers to find my g spot. Once he found it he rubbed and pumped faster. I twisted my hand up and down as fast as he fingered me.

Just as he whispered he was about to cum, I pulled the entire length of Thor out and wrapped my lips around his cock. I bobbed up and down and sucked every drop of his cum out. I drank him down and was just about to peak, but we heard Jillian and her mom returning.

I was tense and trying to collect myself. I noticed while eating dinner that every time Jillian’s father drank from his glass he would smell his fingers a little before setting it back down…I plan to get him alone and have some fun ridding him out!



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