Uncle Nick is such a creeper I always try to avoid him but sometimes we run into each other at family parties.

Uncle Nick is such a perverted weirdo but I guess there’s always one Uncle or cousin that’s a bit off in all families. You know what I mean and you’re probably thinking of them right now. They say the wrong things at the wrong times, they fuck anything that moves and are always doing something that makes you look at them with a ‘WTF?!’ look on your face.

My Uncle Nick is that weirdo in my family and he’s always perving on me. He used to watch me in the bathroom all the time and he once got busted for being a Peeping Tom. Family gatherings are always fun when he’s invited.

We ran into each other at a backyard bbq our cousins were having. It’s been ages since we last saw each other and as soon as he saw me his eyes locked in on my tits. Except when my back was to him, then it was my ass.

I ignored him and spent time hanging out with the family members I liked. It was lots of fun and everyone ate and drank all afternoon.

We ran out of beer so I ran inside to get some more. I didn’t know Uncle Nick followed me until he pushed me against the wall in the hallway.

I asked what he wanted and he slid his hand up my skirt. “What do you think I want?” he asked and the smirk on his face made me want to punch his lights out. I was going to tell him to fuck off but then he cupped my pussy and rubbed it through my panties.

It felt good and he slid them back and forth, moving over my lips. He knew I liked it and he slipped his hand inside my panties, pushing a finger inside me.

He pumped it slowly as I leaned against the wall and got wetter. Then he pushed a second finger inside me and began shoving them in and out of me, giving me deep hard jabs. He was so close to me that I could feel his warm breath on me and he was fingering me so hard that I kept rubbing against the wall wanting to cum.

I moaned loudly when he brushed over my clit and he put his other hand over my mouth, keeping me quiet. I nearly died when a third finger went in, I felt so full.

He moved them hard and fast and I wiggled my hips, grinding myself on him. I wanted to cum so bad, my pussy was throbbing and aching until it was driving me crazy.  Uncle Nick was loving this and right when I felt my pussy tighten around his fingers he stopped moving.

I was so desperate I begged him and he took his hand off my mouth so he could hear me. “Please.” I moaned as I rubbed my pussy on him, making juices leak all over the place. I whimpered and he began fingering me again, tilting his fingers up to his fingertips rubbed my clit. I needed this and he didn’t stop until I was cumming.

     He took his fingers out of my pussy and they were all wet and nasty with my juices. He looked at them then stuck a finger in his mouth, sucking it clean. I guess that’s one way to get rid of evidence.

He licked all of his fingers clean then dried his hand on his jeans. “You better get those beers,” he said and went back outside. I pulled my panties back up and my juices made them all wet and stick to me. Can’t believe I’d let creepy Uncle Nick finger bang me but at least I got an orgasm out of it. I fucking love those.

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