Ass Worship with Ebony Temptress Camille

Baby, you know when you head my direction what it is exactly that you are craving. You need some of you that good black girl booty in your life. Well, baby, you are in luck because the Ebony Queen in here to allow you what you crave. Ass worship. Bending over slowly and removing my sexy purple thong I reveal this tempting brown booty hole. You know exactly where this needs to be too. No problem you have lying down and begging me to back it up on your face. So that is exactly what I do. Sitting my ass onto your face you moan from between my ass cheeks.

Now it is time for you to earn your place as my chair. Take that tongue of yours and put it to work. I want you licking and slurping all over this ass hole. You need to run your tongue all over each and every one of my butthole wrinkles. Don’t forget to stick it right inside of my ass hole and give me a good tongue fucking. That’s right baby, you need to pretend like it is a dick and fuck me with it. If you are doing a good job then I will lean over and rim that cock of yours. Sucking it into my mouth as you stick your tongue inside of me will feel so good.

You cannot cum yet though baby. Not until I say. I will edge you one stroke at a time and then back off making you last as long as possible. I am not going to forget that ass hole of yours either. Slowly I will start to rim my finger around your own ass hole, just as yours is doing mine. Feels so fucking good you are about to blow and I can hear it. However, once I pop my finger into your ass it if over. You cum so hard your dick looks like a water wiggle.

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Ass Worship