How my husband and I feed the hot German college girl.

Now that my husband and I are empty-nesters, we started hosting foreign exchange students. The house was so empty with all our kids grown and moved out. My youngest son went to Berlin, Germany, for four weeks to study abroad. In exchange, we got an adorable and bubbly 18-year-old German college girl named Yvonne. She was timid and standoffish at first, but she began to open up as soon as she met my husband. He volunteered to take her to the mall, roller skating, and the movies. Soon, they became remarkably close. That was fine with me. I had to work and run errands most days and didn’t want her to feel lonely being so far from home.

One night, I was up late taking calls.

I had told my husband I would be out with some friends, but they canceled at the last minute. As a result, I decided to make some money taking calls. The house was quiet, so I thought everyone was in bed. That was until I started to hear footsteps in the hallway. I figured it must just be Yvonne, getting out of the shower and going to bed. She is such a hot German college girl. I thought about checking on her but went back to my work instead.

Then, I started to hear low voices and the sound of a door opening and closing.

Yvonne’s bedroom was next to my office. The closets connect in the back. I got up from my chair quietly, tiptoed into my side of the closet, which was the back of hers. Straining, I listened and heard the distinct sounds of kissing. I put my hand over my mouth in surprise. Could it be that my husband was actually making out with the hot German college girl?

I guess they thought I had gone out with my friends.

I hadn’t told my husband about the canceled date. Slowly, I opened the closet door leading into her room, just enough to see what they were doing. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Sitting on the edge of the bed, my husband was holding Yvonne’s head between his legs. He looked like a horny young stud again. I could see it bobbing up and down as she sucked the fuck out of his erection. She is so sexy with her pretty German college girl lips wrapped around his rock-hard cock. I couldn’t help myself, so I walked in, grabbed the back of her hair, and began pulling it up and down his shaft.

I think I almost gave both of them a heart attack.

But when they see how much I’m enjoying the show, they relax and get back to business. I pushed her mouth all the way down his cock as he brought his hips up and gagged the shit out of that pretty German college girl. Yvonne moaned as she sucked his cock. I heard the sounds of her gagging as hubby continued to face fuck her throat. He moaned loudly as I pushed her hard and deep on him. She slid her fingers into my pussy and fucked my cunt, so fucking good. As her head bounced on his cock, my thigh fat ass moved up and down her hand. What a horny German college girl!

My husband gasped and stopped moving.

“Yvonne!” he warned, “I’m about to cum.” She nodded her head and let his cock pop out of her mouth. “I eat!” she said with her sexy German accent and went back to face fucking his cock. He smiled, closed his eyes, bit his lip, and unleashed a massive load of jizz into Yvonne’s luscious mouth. He shuddered for a few minutes before he patted Yvonne’s head and pulled his cock out of her mouth. Then, I came all over her hand, and she licked it up too. I don’t know what they taught that German college girl, but fuck she was amazing!

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