My Kinky Gender Switch Sex Experience – Getting my First Blowjob

Gender switch sex – is that even a thing? I assure you that it is! I remember my experience as though it was yesterday. First let me tell you how feminine I typically am, and how experiencing gender switch sex had never really been on to-do list. BUT it still happened though and I’ll never forget it, either!

I have DD tits, an hourglass figure, and pink, plump lips that always crave the feeling of a thick cock. Men say my boobs drive them crazy and so does my tight pussy. I like showing off my legs in tight skirts and short dresses, and men love it, too!

Anyways, one day, I was staring at my reflection, thinking about the last time I had sex. It was with a handsome hunk with strong arms and thighs and a head full of dark, long hair. His name escapes me. The more I thought about him, the more my pussy got wet.

I could still remember him lifting me while he stood with his powerful arms supporting my thighs as he pounded his cock deep in my pussy.

Suddenly, I wondered how the man felt as he fucked my pussy hard. As a matter of fact, I wish I could feel what men felt whenever they fucked hot women. The idea of me having a big long hard dick and fucking a sexy woman really got me going.

Then the mirror changed. I saw my reflection disappear and a female’s face appeared. I didn’t understand what was happening. The face was mine, smiling at me.

“Hello, Carmen,” the face said. “It seems you wish to enjoy gender switch sex. Am I correct?”

“Um…. yes?” I stuttered, wondering what the fuck was going on.

“Well, I am here to give you the power to do so. All you have to do is kiss me.”

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Maybe I’d had too many martinis yesterday? Before I could do anything, my lips were already attached to the face in the mirror. It was like kissing a real human being. Then the face disappeared and I became even hornier than before

Well? What about this gender switch sex the face had talked about? It was all bullshit, then.

Laughing, I rolled my eyes and went to answer the door. I’d called one of my fuck buddies earlier and had been expecting him for a while. I’d have to punish him for being late and had tons of toys to make him squeal!

When I opened the door, I almost fell over. It wasn’t my fuck buddy in front of me – it was a young hot blonde woman with large tits. She was me!

My fuck buddy looked confused as hell, too. Especially that he’d never even wondered about gender switch sex and he was suddenly a women.

I smiled. I grabbed him, bent my head and began to suck one nipple while fondling the other. The first thing I wanted was FINALLY get to experience a blowjob. I had given my fair share of sexy, gagging blowjobs to a lot of fuck buddies before, and now it was my turn.

I pushed my fuck buddy’s head down between my legs and he took my new dick in his mouth. Wow. The feeling of a wet mouth all over my new dick… Being the Blowjob Queen here at PSK, I knew it felt amazing, but to experience it yourself was a whole new level of pleasure.

I was left speechless. So this was what the fuss was all about!

He took my cock all the way in the back of his throat, then began teasing the head with this tongue and lips. I realized that I would cum hard if I didn’t stop him. And I still had too many things to do with him!

So I stopped him and slipped a finger in his pussy, watching him moan with pleasure. Then I added another finger and continued to finger him until he came.

Now it was time to enjoy this gender switch sex on a much larger scale. It was time for me to shove my new big cock inside my fuck buddy’s little tight pussy.

“Get on your back!” I ordered as I moved between his legs.

Mmmmm. It felt even better than fucking his mouth. That tight little hole, just gripping on to my new big cock as I thrust deeper and deeper inside there! Holy fuck!

Let’s just say that I certainly had my fair share of fun that night, doing him into all sorts of positions, and enjoying gender switch sex as much as I could.  Finally, I came all over my fuck buddy’s pretty little face. Well, I guess my face in the end.

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