Geisha Ladyboys For Dinner

I think I have found my Nirvana! Last night a friend of mine showed up and insisted on dragging me out to the new spot in town. I was super tired but he was very persistent so I finally got my shit together, made myself look fierce and we headed to the Geisha House. As the name suggests, it’s a Japanese themed hostess bar, with karaoke and cabaret, but my favorite thing about my new little haunt is the fact that all the servers and the hostesses are, you guessed it, gorgeously feminine Ladyboys!! Now I’m sure you may have been to places that are similar, but one difference about Geisha House is the way it’s laid out. You sit at a booth table that is partitioned with thick, black curtains that hang floor to ceiling, and if you want you can close them so that you have total privacy. The other difference is the fact that anything goes, and all the sexy little shemale wait staff are definitely down to party, and when I say party, I mean FUCK!

As soon as we sat down we ordered drinks and I got my usual very dirty martini. My friend Johnny had been previously so he was already racking out 2 big lines of coke on the table before I could even say the word ‘appetizer’, and I knew we were on for some crazy shenanigans!

Our ‘hostess’ was a beautiful little tranny called Sophie, Asian with long black hair, a tiny perfect petite body but with a fabulously round ass. She had perky little fake tits that just peeked out of a clingy black cocktail dress and I was smitten!! As soon as the first round of drinks and lines had gone down I started my charm offensive! Johnny has always been my wing man and so as soon as he realized I was hitting on her, he leaned over and whispered into my ear “Do you want to see her cock?” I laughed and looked at him wide eyed, “Wait, what?” I said, confused. “Seriously! Watch this!” He said, and when sweet little Sophie came back with more drinks, he asked her to shut the curtains. She did and stood in front of us, the light shining down on her from overhead, and her dress was so see-through, I couldn’t even make out a bump where here pelvis was, she was hiding it well! “Can you lift up your dress and take down your panties please?” Asked Johnny. Without the bat of an eye she smiled, reached down, lifted up her dress by the hem, revealed her shiny black thong panties and pulled them down to her knees.

Even I gasped! A large, perfectly formed shaven cock popped out from between her legs, and it was impressive! I never would of thought she was packing so much heat!! Feeling the effect of the coke and liquor making me lose my inhibitions, I leaned forward and grabbed her arm, pulling her down onto my lap. She giggled and relaxed on top of me, her long spindly legs wrapping around mine. I sat up and kissed my little ladyboy, and at the same time grabbed her cock. She tasted so fucking sweet and I felt her dick bulge in my hand. we made out and I puled her dress off, and she pushed the front of mine down so our tits were touching as we kissed. I pulled my cock out and we jerked each off other as our nipples pressed together.

I got caught up and when I looked over at Johnny, he had shamelessly pulled out his cock and was stroking himself as he watched us. By now we were all hard and I pulled away from Sophie to whisper into her ear and ask if she thought we should both suck Johnny’s cock. She nodded yes and we both slipped to our knees and crawled slowly over to him. I held him hard member and fed it to her, and we both sloppily devoured it, taking turns licking and sucking the head and shaft, making each other gag on it as the tips of our ladyboys cocks touched.

At one point another waitress opened the curtain slightly, took one look at what was going on and shut it again! By that time we didn’t care though, I had stripped down to just my stockings and heels and Sophie was totally naked. When Johnny came on our faces we shared it, making sure to lick every drop from each other’s cheeks and tits. Sophie stood up and I sat on the couch so I could jerk and suck her to orgasm, and as soon as Johnny recovered he knelt down and took my now pulsating cock in his mouth. As I felt Sophie’s salty warm load pump into my throat, I couldn’t help it and gave Johnny a huge wad of my own.

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