I Gave Him My Virgin Body As Payment

The wolf had caught me in grandma’s house! I dropped my basket of goodies onto the cabin floor. I back into the corner and clutched my face in fear. Suddenly a huge man in a lumber jack outfit burst through the door and killed the huge black wolf. I knew I was about to give him my virgin body to thank him.

I was shaken from everything that had happened. I was so grateful to the huntsman for saving my life. I wrapped my arms around his neck and planted a hot smoldering kiss on his lips. Ax still in hand, he pulled my body closer to his. I finally broke away from him and said thank you. I blushed profusely and looked away.

The huntsman took a step forward and took me by the chin and said that he would need more then a simple kiss as a way to repay him.

I stuttered my disbelief and ask what he wanted from me. I had no money and my back goods were smashed on the floor. He took a step closer and brought my hand down to his crotch. I tried to pull away. I had never seen a man naked!

In a quick move he picked me up and dumped me on grandma’s bed. I tried to back away but he grabbed my legs and pulled me closer to him. He pushed my creamy thigh apart and had his face buried into my panties. It felt so naughty but I couldn’t help but grip my grandma’s blanket and push myself harder into his mouth. I stopped fighting him and relaxed.

With his thick finger he hooked my panties to the side and slid his finger just to my virgin veil. His tongue worked magic on my soft clit. Once he got me dripping wet he got up and took out his thick trunk like cock. He rubbed my red lips in slow circles and pushed the fat end of his head into my little mouth. I didn’t know what to do so I just sucked hard and whirled my tongue around it. He pushed into my mouth farther, I gagged hard. More spit dripped out of my mouth and down my chin.

With his cock wet and dripping, he went back between my legs. He slowly worked his cock into my pussy and took my legs up onto his shoulders. With a rough thrust he was balls deep inside me. My virgin pussy tore open,  I cried out at first from the pain…it only melted away when he started to pump his cock in and out slowly.

He could feel my pussy clenching hard, so he went faster. With a few more thrusts I was exploding with absolute pleasure. Something I never knew could be done. He pulled out of my body and straddled my face. He unloaded hot ropes of cum on to my face and mouth. I was a mess but I had fun. The huntsman always watched guard over me while I went into the forest.



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