Have you ever just wanted to take a little time with yourself? Almost like um, seducing yourself?

I always do. You see, I see nothing wrong with grade A fucking, with a big dicked fucker that knows how to sling his meat stick and give me the widest gaping hole, you’ve ever seen. *giggles* But…

I do like to think of myself as an independant woman

I love to be seduced, and chased and finally caught. Then, I would suspect like most other sex crazed women, I loved to be rough fucked in my tight little ass, until I have a huge gaping hole. I love the sensation of my gaping hole so much, I learned how to do it myself at first by buying graduating toys- and then by fisting.

Want to hear a little ditty that I wrote just for my LOVE of making a gaping hole?


On my bed, Legs spread wide

Search for the perfect toy to slide

In my ass, or in my twat

Where’s that vanilla cream lube I got?

Beside the bed, in the drawer

I know just what I need it for

little drips slide down my toy

I really need to use ” BIG BOY”

He makes me full, he makes me gape

and when I cum, my clitty aches

I just love sliding down this pole

it gives me an aching, gaping hole!

Cum & Make me Gape Baby!

Girls Into Anal Sex