This Gamer-Girl Teasing Would Be Hot Tonight!


I have to admit something to you guys! I am a gamer girl who loves to take teasing to new levels. This gamer-girl teasing would be hot tonight! So there I was in my new sweater dress getting my headphones on and getting into a game. Then something extra naughty happened!

I got into my gaming chair and then started to get online. Sometimes when I get to gaming, I think about doing bad things with the guys. Quickly, I then opened up the game and started to get my character ready when I got like 6 messages about a group trying to beat the big boss who needed me to come and game with them. This gamer-girl teasing would blow their minds.

We had always been flirting, but tonight these guys wanted way more. I couldn’t help myself when studs were involved. I got into the game they were in and saw that there was no boss at all. Suddenly I got invited to join a Google chat with them. They were thinking about a game of strip poker while gaming. Honestly, I didn’t mind at all. Quickly, I got right into it. I then opened a video call with them. They then started to get naughty with this gamer girl teasing fun.

As Soon As We Got To The Dark Forest I Couldn’t Help Myself

We were all there we decided to take a quest and everybody was just talking about the game. Next, we got to the dark forest I couldn’t help myself I started to flirt with these guys. They had never seen how hot I was before now. They were all flirting with me back. Next, one of the guys said how about we play a game within a game. I asked what he meant by that. He then told us about some hot stripping fun. I then agreed with them. We then started the quest. I was the last one at the event so they started to make me strip some clothes off.

Slowly I stripped off my dress and pulled it up over my head. We then said whoever gets the least points has to strip off another piece of clothing. I then turned into a real gamer girl teasing when I kicked all their asses. They had to take off their pants for me. They all stripped them off as I watched and hooted and hollered at them. This was going to be such fun. I wonder what else these boys would do for me.  I think this gamer-girl teasing would be epic tonight!

This Gamer-Girl Teasing Was So Much Fun

Fastly, we went to the next level as they were ready to take revenge on me. The same bet went again. Whoever had the most points won and the rest had to strip. I kicked some asses this round too. I went through so fast whopping that ass. They didn’t know I was a true gamer. I was going to get them naked soon for me. They expected something else but I am going to do what I want. This gamer-girl teasing was so much fun.

They then slowly took off their shirts for me. They were asking how could they let Maddie win! I then answered No one can and giggled so loud! That made them want to revenge themselves so much. We went to the next battle. As soon as we were in battle they tried so many moves trying their hardest to beat me. My total points were way bigger than the other times. They were down to just their boxers now! Might as well take those off boys I yelled. I then hooted at these guys and made one guy do a shake for me.

They Would Blow When They Saw Me Coming For This Gamer Girl Teasing!

This gamer girl’s teasing was about to get nasty. It was a boss fight. I told them that if we beat this boss together I would give them all a surprise. They all agreed and everybody whipped that boss. It was time to get their reward! Suddenly, I then stood up took off my bra, and slowly pulled down my panties. Next, I was there naked with them. After that, I told them since we won I would let them watch me play with myself. All of them said Fuck Maddie yes! You’re a true gamer girl! I then laid back on my bed right in front of the camera and then slowly pressed my fingers to my clit. I was going to be a horny teen caught masturbating. 

I then started to tease this teen pussy. Slowly, I was teasing and edging my pussy right in front of them. I could tell this was turning them all on so much! Grabbing at my dildo I then placed it on my pussy hole. Slowly I used that toy into my tight pussy. Moaning loudly, I watched these guys jerk their cocks for me. They would blow when they saw me cumming for this gamer girl teasing!

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