If you are lucky enough to work a 9-5, Monday – Friday job, that you are probably lucky enough to get a 4 day weekend out of the 4th of July too.  I am not that girl.  I work A LOT, and the weekends, well, my weekend is usually a Tuesday and a Thursday, and I probably get Halloween off before Christmas, lol, but I am a good sport about it.

Your  phone sex slut, knows just how to work you out, no matter what.

Last night I had to work a big local event and today I had to drag my ass into the office to finish up all of the paperwork.  It was soooo boring, and I was a little cranky from the long day yesterday, but like most days, I can find a way to make it better.

I was basically banging my head on my desk, crunching numbers when our liquor rep came in to pick up a check.  He is definitely an average Joe.  Middle aged, a little round around the middle, always stumbles his words around me.  He just happened to catch me on a not too choosy day, when I needed to entertain myself.

He knows I am too hot for him, but it doesn’t stop him from stuttering weak one liners when he comes to see me.  Today was his lucky fucking day.  I was overworked and underplayed and I needed something, anything, to fuck my pussy!

He gave me the invoice, I wrote him a check.  When I slid it across the table, and he reached for it, I wouldn’t let go.  He looked up at me, and I just asked him,” Do you wanna play a little game Joe?”

He asked me what kind of game.  I told him the stakes were a little high, but I thought he was up for it, and I walked around my desk, got on my knees, looked up at him.  “Stroke your dick into my mouth, just as I tell you, as fast as I tell you, as slow as I tell you, for 10 minutes”, “if you can do that, without cumming straight down my throat, than you can have the check”, “if not, you cover my liquor invoice”.

Now this fucker, my average Joe, he gets hard thinking of my lips wrapped around a banana, no way he could handle my hot mouth so close to his dick.

Game on mother fucker!

He unzipped his pants, whipped out his dick, and the timer started…

Wouldn’t you like to know who won the wager?  His dick or my mouth?

Can you do just as I say for 10 whole minutes without blowing your load? How about 20?  Game on mother fucker’s – let’s see who can last the longest.