I woke up with a sweat I had the strangest futa dream after my night out. I should have never mocked that strange woman in the sewers. Starting to feel a strange sensation that I had never felt before, and this went beyond being horny, I went to reach down to play with my pussy and was met with a thick hard cock that had suddenly sprouted where my tight hole once lived. I also had huge heavy balls. Panicking and reaching up to find my perfectly round and soft tit’s where still there. I just had to wrap my hand around my hard cock! The overwhelming urge  to scream out “Stroke my cock!” As I griped that meaty shaft and ran my hand up and down.


Horny Futa Girl Can’t Control Her Futa Dream!

I bit my lip and stroked my new found cock, now I understand why guys act the way they do this felt amazing! So I couldn’t resist once seeing my dick leaking its sweet nectar of precum to lean down and flick my tongue across the tip. it was thick and sweet like honey. I Tasted so good I had to wrap my full lips around it and start blowing myself. This is a futa dream girl fantasy come true! I felt the pressure build up as my cock started to rope hot cum down my needy throat.  My eyes rolled back as I swallowed every drop of my sticky sweet seed.


Panting this Futa Dreamgirl laid back

There I laid on my comfy bed well spent panting, I couldn’t believe the amount of my own cum I swallowed! Suddenly I gasped I felt a weight between my legs I could feel my ball filling up and swelling again as my cock jumped back to life.  They looked larger?? My cock looked bigger as well it was longer and thicker.

I knew I needed to bust again so grabbing my cock again and stroked it double-handed. My thick meatstick leaking its love juices. I went faster stroking my cock over and over again until hot cum cascaded down my cock and my hands. There was so much cum!

Finally, I thought that I was finally done until I felt that damn twitch again and my cock stands up and double in size! Suddenly there was a ring at the doorbell, I tossed on PJ pants and a robe to hide my hard-on.

Futa dream a secret sexy present

There was a huge box on wheels with a note on the box that reads “For your new needs” For my new needs???  Pulling the heavy box inside it started to wiggle and then it busted open. Out popped an adorable Neko Catgirl she had huge soft mounds and luscious curves. Short spikey hair and a bell color around her neck.


She flicked her tail and tilted her head and gave me the lewdest smile. A small white fang was showing and she crawled towards me. Ripping open my robe she tugged down my PJ pants and saw my dick spring out at her. She let out a purring sound and started to flick her soft pink tongue on the tip of my dick.

She gripped hard on to the thickness and stroked as she sucked and rolled her tongue on the tip. I tossed my head back and groaned, god it felt so fucking amazing! I gripped her hair and shoved her down. She took every inch and I could help just pounding her cute little mouth her throat stretching.  I felt that wonderful feeling of getting closer and with that last twinch I pushed her down and she swallowed every single drop.

She smiled and stood up and leaned in and kissed me her soft lips felt like silk on mine. she reached her hand up and bopped me on the nose leaning in and whispering ” It’s time to wake up from this Futa Dream”

The Beeping of my alarm clock echoed

I fluttered my eyes open, the light peeking through the curtain. I sat up and reached down, to just find my pussy. It had all been one wonderful futa dream. I looked over at my nightstand and my Anime sex book laid open.  That and the hot Phone sex I had last night must have corrupted my mind and created me a wonderful sexy dream.


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