Funny Sex Stories: Exhibitionist Queen London

This is one of my funny sex stories, but I can’t take all the credit. You know who you are and we put it together, well, together. This Queen rules the phone sex kingdom.

I sat on my throne so beautifully as a queen should. My subjects were standing in my throne room looking and listening to me attentively. There was one man in particular who captured my attention. His jaw was practically on the floor and he had a bulge in his pants, which left a tingling between my legs.

I couldn’t blame him since I was dressed in a long, flowing dress with a huge slit all the way up to my hip. The top of the dress was a very low V that my tits were practically falling out of. It was also completely backless so that you could almost see the top of my ass.

My lips slowly curled upward in a smile and I beckoned him forward. He approached my throne and I ordered him to his knees. Obediently he knelt before his Queen.

Oh, he looked so delicious at my feet.

I slid my food out of my heeled shoe and leaned my head on my hand. He took my food in his hands and slid his tongue up my arch and kissed up the inside of my leg. Glancing in front of me I saw my subjects looking on in awe.

Moving my dress aside he saw I wasn’t wearing any panties, naturally. After he got a taste of his Highness’s decadent pussy, I rose and bent over, my crown still atop my head. The entire throne room went absolutely silent. I noticed that the air was so palpable with desire and anticipation you could cut through it with a butter knife.

I motioned for him to pull out his cock. “Fuck your Queen,” I ordered. My subjects gasped and I could hear the jealousy in it.

I moaned and groaned in exquisite pleasure as his cock pumped in and out of me. My muscles convulsed as I exploded all over his shaft. He mumbled something, his words coming in grainy as he grit his teeth. “Yes,” I snapped, “cum inside your Majesty.”

I wanted to feel his thick, creamy cum inside me.

Obediently he came therefore it made me cum a second time. I felt it fill up my pussy and drip down my legs. There was just so much cum and he felt so good I had to reward him somehow.

As I stood and he bowed before me. “Your service to your Queen has not gone unnoticed. I shall grant you a reward.” My voice echoed off the walls and my subjects never took their gaze off of us.

Clapping my hands so that a handmaiden brought me what I wanted on a red velvet cloth. I was so happy to see my strap on I used for only the most worthy of consorts I’ve had.

“Shoulders back,” I instructed while I put on the harness. He looked up at me and I put the tip of my cock on his right shoulder. “In the name of your Queen London,” I moved it to his left shoulder, “I hereby knight you,” and I moved it to the top of his head, “as part of my Consort Court. Rise!”

I hope you enjoyed one of my funny sex stories.

Hey, it doesn’t have to be all serious. It can be creative and fun. Sometimes the best sex you have with someone is the sex you giggle during and it makes you feel better on every level. So, if you want to have some of the most fun phone sex of your life, I’m here.