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Funny sex stories give us things to laugh at and look back at.  These stories can also be very arousing even in the most awkward of situations.  We had an acquaintance in college who would hang with us on occasion.  Ernie was slim like a pole, tall like Ichabod Crane.  He had a very quiet nature, not outgoing at all, just well, wimpy.

A bunch of us went to a party to celebrate one of our friend’s birthday.  He did not want Ernie to go to his party because he thought Ernie was not hip enough.  It is quite unfortunate some high school judgments still carried over into our early days of college.  Ernie kept begging and persisted till we finally relented.  What can I say, we felt sorry for the guy.

Our friend Todd was not pleased Ernie showed up to his birthday bash.  He was intent on getting even.  Todd pretended to be nice to him and welcomed Ernie to his house.  Ernie was grateful that someone took notice of him.  All kinds of people showed up to the party, especially a lot of hot girls from school.  Todd brought Ernie a  drink and said we were going to all drink to celebrate.  Ernie was very thirsty by this time and was having a wonderful time. He had no reason not to trust Todd.   If only Ernie knew what would happen next, he may have had second thoughts.

Sometime later, Ernie began to fidget and squirm.

He tried to excuse himself but Todd stalled him.  Ernie began to sweat and shake with tension.  Suddenly someone laughed and pointed.  Ernie had a huge hard erection poking out from his pants.  What surprised me was how big it was for a guy so lanky.  A mean girl pulled down his pants and pointed out how large it was, that it was larger than her boyfriend’s cock.  Ernie’s pole must of protruded a good 9 or more inches.

Sheena a hot popular cheerleader stepped forward and started stroking his dick to Ernie’s horror.  The crowd laughed, and Ernie just wanted to hide.  The cheerleader stroked her pretty hand up and down his length.  She actually loved his big prick and how thick the head looked.  Not wanting to let a good woody go to waste, she bent down and started to lick and suck the head into her mouth.  This funny sex stories adventure turned from embarrassing to possibly Ernie’s lucky night.

Other girls not wanting to be outdone or jealous at not having a taste, converged on lucky Ernie.  He was buried under a pile of lovely breasts, pussy, legs, and feet all wanting a taste or ride of Ernie’s massive dick.  What did Ernie drink to make him so lucky?  He was sat on, smothered with pussy, rode on, fucked, prodded up his ass, and poked.  Ernie learned more in that night than he would ever dream.

Do you have any funny sex stories you would like to share with me during some intimate adult chat?

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