Funny Sex Stories seem to follow me around.  So, if it can get a laugh, while still being sexy?  Oh, It’s my life!  Ever hear of a girl falling off the side of a bed while fucking?  Yep!  That’s me!  So, just imagine wild sex WHILE stoned on Mary Jane?  OMG!  It just gets WILDER from there!

First of all, I was smoking the pain away from a recent pinched nerve, THEN I had tossed back a shot of single-malt scotch and was feeling very little real pain. I’ve told my Public Sex Stories and most of my Phone Sex Chat stories are known for their sexy twists, but this is something altogether different!  Follow along!

My man lay sleeping next to me.  Suddenly, before my eyes, he turned into a cartoon character and when he rolled over, he had the biggest dick I’d ever seen!  He was artsy blue all over with small horns where his hair should have been.

When his eyes opened, they were a glowing yellow and he smiled with jagged little teeth that were chomping at me. Truly, my pussy got so fucking wet I climbed right on top of him and started grinding down his massive cartoon cock!  His teeth nipped at my swollen tits and his clawed fingers bit into my firm ass cheeks. The whole spectacle made my juice-box overflow with lust!

I called my pot dealer the next day and bought him OUT of the shit he sold me that night!  I’m not rich, but some things you just have to splurge on!  Furthermore, I carefully use it. I can’t waste the good stuff on just ANY fuck! LOL.

Wanna smoke some of the good shit and be my animated plaything too? By all means, CUM & Get me, Baby!