Come one, come all, do you dare to enter the funhouse of feminization. Do you think you can hold on to that manhood after being subjected to this house of frills and thrills? Would you like to find out? 

Enter The House Of Transformation

You happen upon a funhouse that, in fact, seemed hidden from the rest of the carnival. Almost like it appeared out of nowhere. A single person in the booth, a lovely brunette with deep chocolate eyes, smiles at you. “Are you ready to enter the funhouse of feminization?” she asked with a knowing smile as you chuckle and ask her what she means. “No man who enters ever comes out the same.” She laughs. 

How silly, you think to yourself. As you look at the dried yellow glitter paint peeling off the wood. The whole building looks desolate and dark. Half the lights around the building are out or flickering; it didn’t look much like a funhouse at all. However, the funhouse of feminization appeals to you. The dark doorway calling to you, then you hear it for the first time. Some muffled chanting, but unable to make out the words. It’s coming from within the house, beckoning you in. Without thought, you enter.

No Escape

Entering inside into the unknown darkness, the door behind you slams shut, leaving you in pitch-black darkness. Everything eerily silent. Then without warning, the house comes alive; the sweet melodic chanting is still too low for you to hear, but the lights come on bright, and brilliant rainbow colors fill the hallway in which you currently stand-in—sounds of giggling heard up ahead as you head towards it. A pink smoke fills the air as you walk into the room of mirrors. Sweet girlish giggling fills the room as you tingle all over. You watch in shock as your facial features start to morph, and your rough exterior transforms and is replaced by delicate ones. You panic and try to flee out of the mirror maze before you change too much. 

Your chest-pounding and aching now as you step out into the spinning room. The floor seemingly spinning as you stumble, eyes being hypnotized by all the spinning and chanting repeating in your head. “Those aren’t pecks; what you have are boobs, big beautiful tits over and over again until you find yourself repeat the words. Consequently, your chest swells and grows, slowing your urge to escape. Continuing your way to the next and final room, feeling a tingle in your pants you’ve never felt before. 

Funhouse Of Feminization Transforms Another

Afterward, you stumble in your trance into an open room with many doors; a sweet scent floats in the air. The chanting is different now. As you feel drawn to a red door, opening it, you see a purple and black dress, with a g-string hanging up. “Put it on,” the voices urge you, followed by their giggling. You do as you’re told. When you go to put on the g-string, you notice something is different. The chanting started, “It’s not a dick, it’s a clit, you have a cunt” over and over. Finally, the chanting syncs up with your own. 

You head to the exit, only to stop at the nearby mirror and stare at the sexy goddess looking back at you. That goddess is you, slender, beautiful, no trance of the man you once were….or maybe never was. The funhouse of feminization has brought out your true form. 

I hope my little tale makes you excited to head to the nearest carnival or spooky attraction. Get into the spirit if you aren’t already! You certainly know who to come to see when you need some sissification, I’ll be waiting! Additionally, don’t forget to check out my last fun festive creampie blog! A new blog by yours truly is up to every Monday!