So, Are You Ready To Test Out My Hot Bedroom Toys With Me?

There are so many hot bedroom toys to test out and so little time. It seems like so many of these toys are coming out on the market. I’ve watched tons and tons of reviews on how they work, but sometimes the basic sex toys are the best of all.

The big black dildo is perfect for the first-timer. More and more toys are being tailored for men to use. It’s certainly not a new concept, but it warrants some attention. It is neither shameful nor taboo to use toys to please oneself or with a partner.

Well, I’m so excited because my birthday is next week!

I cannot believe my birthday is next week already. The time has gone so fast.  However, one thing that remains the same is that I’m still horny. So horny and ready for some action all the time.

I love hot bedroom toys so much, I have a collection of them stowed away for just the right moment. Last night my husband decided to surprise me with some early birthday presents. He’s so sweet and thoughtful thinking of my sexual desires and fantasies.

My gift was some hot bedroom toys.

Well, I’m so happy that I received some hot bedroom toys. They were not fancy toys, but some basic toys that have stood the test of time and play.

The first present was a butt plug, then next a vibrating dildo. Oh, the fun we could have with these toys. There were also some lubes and some lingerie.  There were a few more surprises in the bag.

First, I went and changed into sexy black stockings, bras, and panties. I looked so sexy as I walked out. My husband’s cock stood at attention.

He embraced me as we kissed passionately. He gave me a wonderful massage with some of the oils. It felt so good to feel his hands all over my body.

Then he used the dildo on me while he licked my wet pussy. He licks pussy so well. I cum all over the place when he gets me all excited.

Then I lubed up his ass and worked my fingers in and out till he moaned. Then I slowly took the butt plug and put it inside of his hole. I made him clean the dildo off by sucking off my pussy juices that were all over the toy.

Then, finally, one of my favorite parts followed.

Oh, yes just what I was waiting for.  Finally, I got on top of his cock and started riding his dick reverse cowgirl. I love that position. His dick feels so good inside of my hole. It didn’t take too long before I was cumming all over him.

Then when he didn’t expect it, I took out the butt plug and inserted the dildo inside of his ass. He started in surprise, but then really started to enjoy the feeling inside of him.

I fucked him so hard. My hips went up and down on his dick like no tomorrow.  My boobs bounced and slapped together as I rode and rode. He thrust under me as I fucked him hard.

He moaned and said he wanted to cum. I wasn’t about to let that happen right away. I wanted so much more fun for the night. There were more hot bedroom toys to test out.

I’m so fired up for some taboo phone sex.  Let’s test out those hot bedroom toys together.


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke