Fun with Babysitter Kate

I’ve been your babysitter for a long time. I come over at least once every week to watch your kids while you and your wife have date night. This week your wife is out of town for work and it’s just you and the kids so you’ve asked me to help out more than usual.

I come over a few days during the week, more than willing to help out. I LOVE getting paid;). I’m a student so any extra money is fantastic! I have noticed that lately, you have been paying me extra attention when your wife’s not around. Looking at me more, brushing my arm, what seems like flirting to me for sure. I have tried to brush it off but this week you’ve really been laying it on thick.

It’s Friday night, usual date night, but you ask me to come play babysitter again so you can watch the game with some friends. I head over and the night goes as usual. You and your friends watch the game in the basement and I watch the kids upstairs.

The kids go to bed at about the same time your friends leave so I wait to get my money until you’re done with your goodbyes. You grab your checkbook and we stand at the kitchen counter like usual. I’ve worn a casual white dress as it’s most comfortable. I see you scanning me up and down. You’re standing very close to me.

I can feel your body heat.

You look up at me and smile and suddenly you kiss me. I’m so caught off guard I don’t even get a chance to say no. I’m pressed against the counter top, nowhere to go. I try to pull away but you won’t let me. Honestly, this feels so wrong but soooo fucking right. I need more. I hope you give me more but I also want to stop.

Your hands move to my hips and pull my body against yours. I can feel you, hard against me. I know we are just getting started.

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