I love being there for a mans first time using anal beads! Oh anal beads, why are they so easy to forget about?

Probably because handcuffs and vibrators are so much fun that I always seem to forget about how much I love anal beads, but when I saw some beads last night, it reminded me of how much fun they can be. Keith has a big fat dick that I could spend hours sucking and I always start a night with him with a good blow job. I was leaning over him, my tongue sliding over his dick as he got harder. I wanted it to be a great blow job, so I stopped for a second and went to grab my anal beads out of my nightstand. Knowing how much it drives guys crazy, to have their prostate milked. It’s the gasps and groans they make that makes it so hot. Just as I was about to push the anal beads inside of his tight little ass, I asked if he had ever played with them before.

 Keith shook his head and I put some lube in my hand. “Great, you’re going to love this!” I told him as I got between his legs and started pushing a finger into his ass. His hole was tight and it squeezed around my finger, as I moved it in him. It took a few minutes before I was able to push in a second one. I moved them back and forth, loosening him up until his ass was ready for fun. I grabbed the lube and covered the beads with it, making them all slippery so they could slide into his ass then told him to keep his legs open for me. He did what I wanted and I pressed the first anal bead against his hole.

He was so loose that it was easy to get the anal beads in and he did a little gasp as they rubbed over his hole.

I then pushed the other beads in one by one while his hard dick twitched in front of my face and he gasped every time his ass got fuller. I got them all in and slid the hoop at the end of the string over my finger so I could move it easily. Then I slid my mouth over his dick, my lips moving lower until he hit the back of my throat. I then began to suck him, going slowly before picking up speed. I tugged on the beads lightly, making them move in his ass and press down on his hole as I pressed my lips tighter around his shaft. When he was moaning and pushing my head down I tugged out the first bead. He cried out as it slid out and I quickly took out the second one. 

He shook under me and groaned as I sucked his dick for a minute, completely ignoring his ass.

So he pushed his hips up, making me suck more of him, as he shoved into my mouth and I tugged out another anal bead. His dick swelled in my mouth and I went all the way down to his base, stuffing my mouth with him. I popped the last bead out of his ass and his hand grabbed my hair, pulling on it. Cum shot down my throat and I only choked a bit as I swallowed it down. I slid him out of my mouth and dropped the beads on the bed as he came down from his little blow job. Foreplay was over and I was ready to break out my other toys! Do you like toys? Do you like anal beads? MmmHmmm, give me a call and I will break out ALL my toys for you!

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