Cuckold is one of my boyfriend Michael’s favorite fantasies.

I decided I was going to make his fantasy a reality and look for the perfect guy to cuckold in front of Michael.  Knowing he liked the contrast of skin color, myself being creamy white, should not be an issue to find someone to contrast me. Deciding that I would actually go out to hunt for someone rather than internet surf on craigslist, I called my friend told her what my plan was.  She is my partner in crime.

Friday night was finally here! I made sure I looked extra hot. We walked into the bar, I immediately began to scope out all the men. After about an hour I saw him. I knew he would be the one.  He was about 6’3″ very muscular milk chocolate perfect skin, with lips that I would love to have to kiss my pussy. This is the man I was going to fuck in front of my boyfriend. I hadn’t really decided how I was going to approach the conversation with him.  I decided to send him over a drink. He came up to me saying he has never had a beautiful lady buy him a drink before.  He went on saying he was very flattered and his name is Melvin. OH NO. He did not just say he was flattered.

Is he a good guy with manners?

When I tell him my intentions he going to think I am a crazy female that is going to have him jump.  I just decided to be totally honest with him. I told him I thought he was very attractive and would like to know more about him.  Filling him in on my plane to take him home so he could fuck me in front of my boyfriend. He looked surprised. I assured him I was not some crazy chick and I understood if he didn’t want to do it.

He suggested that we go across the street to the coney Island so we could talk without the crowd and loud music. We sat in a corner booth.  His first question was how did I know that my boyfriend would be ok with it? I explained that he has been talking about his cuckold fantasy forever so I knew he would be 100% ok.  At this time I was very comfortable with Melvin so I sent my friend home.

He followed me to Michael’s house and we walk in hand in hand.

Michael was almost asleep looking at me he sat straight up, not sure what was going on. I told him to get undressed, then ordered him to sit in the corner chair.  He did as he was told.  I handcuffed his hands behind his back and put a cage on his semi-hard cock. Looking over at Melvin, who was already naked, laying on his back on the bed. I got on the bed put my wet pussy on his luscious mouth. Leaning overtaking his hard throbbing 9-inch big black cock in my mouth. The faster my mouth went up and down on his cock the faster his tongue slid across my clit.

I could hear my Michael moaning with excitement which turned me on even more. It was time for me to bend over facing Michael so I could watch his face as this hot sexy man fucked me from behind. Fuck me harder Melvin. Harder harder I begged. I can’t believe this was happening I was fulfilling Michael’s cuckold fantasy. If you want to hear how we finished off the cuckold night or other adult sex stories or if you just want to have hot phone sex you need to call me.

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