Getting Fucked In A Cop Car – Hot Public Sex

Have I ever mentioned how I fucked my way out of a ticket? All I had to is hike up my skirt, perk up my big tits and I watch as his eyes moved from the paper to down at my tits. I could already read his mind and there was one thing on it PUSSY. Of course I took advatage of the situation, no ticket and I still get fucked. He asked me to step out of the car while he frisked me, his hands patting up my legs, around my hips, and when he got to my ass he grabbed it a little but I didn’t mind. His hands slide up and around my stomach up to my tits, yes he grabbed those too. He slapped the cuffs on me to make it appear like he was doing his job, and he tossed me in the back seat. I made him leave the cuffs on me I like a little kink with my cop.
I’m cuffed so I can undress myself, he slides my panties down from under my skirt pushes me forward and slides his cock right on in. Each thrust inside me makes his big balls smack into my clit All I could do is scream “harder”. His deep penetration felt so good, feeling his cock throb and twitch deep inside made me soaking wet. He stops and pulls his cock out of me. Of course he wanted something more than pussy if I wanted out of my ticket that bad. He takes his now wet cock and pushes into my ass. I should be use to the law ass fucking me by now but this time I kind of liked it. The feeling of the cuffs digging into my wrist the harder is cock thrust in my ass was the icing on the cake. Who knew public sex could be so much. Getting fucked right on the shoulder of the highway in cuffs, completely hot.
You’ll have to wait to see if I have earned my out of a ticket but until then maybe we could do a little role play of our own. You want the best phone sex don’t you? Well get your phone and grab your cock I got the hot pictures and sexy voice you need to cum to, you don’t want to keep me waiting too long do you?

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