I Got Fucked In A Prison!

I decided to do my civil duties and go volunteer at the local prison. I know that must seem strange but I have a friend that works there and he asked me nicely to come down. So, on my day off I went over to see what I could help with.

My friend, Mike, made sure that I was going to be away from any inmates but close to him in case anything happened. Lucky me got stuck in the kitchen checking off the order of food coming in. That’s easy enough right? Yeah it really was easy and not stressful at all. He ended up being the other officer watching over the delivery so we got to chatting about silly things. Some how we got on the topic of sex. I don’t know how it happens but I always end up on that topic!

He asked me what I’d think about having sex in a prison. That shocked me but intrigued me at the same time. Mike is a very attractive man, but we’ve never dated. I told him if he was feeling wild and knew of a safe place, I’d fuck him! He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the walk in fridge. He situated the handle so it wasn’t going to open. When he turned back around to face me I’d already striped out of my pants and shirt.

I stood there shivering waiting for him to take me, but he took his sweet time. He looked me up and down before walking over and grabbing me around the waist. He pulled me into him for a deep, long kiss. That was something I wasn’t expecting. He turned me around and pressed his rock hard cock against my lower back and pushed it around. I moaned softly and let myself melt into him.

He reached around my stomach and found my clit. He started to rub on it until I became even more soaked than I already was. He placed his hand on my back and gently bent me over. When my ass touched his cock, I could feel the warm flesh. I knew he’d taken it out and was ready to take me. I bent even further, sticking my ass right out so that he would have easy access. The head slipped right in and I moaned loudly.

He grabbed my hips and pumped me hard and fast. I thought I was going to pop in half feeling him pound me so quickly. I reached to rub my clit and could feel my pending orgasm start to grow. I rubbed faster and then started to pulse around his cock. I moaned loudly, but felt his hand clasp around my throat and squeeze. No more sound was escaping my lips as he came deep inside of me.

We got dressed and finished getting the delivery put away. He walked me to my car and we had a good giggle about our prison fuck!

Ever have fantasies about fucking me in a dirty prison cell? Sounds like fun Fetish Phone Sex to me.