Fucked My Principal, Just So I Could Blackmail The Old Man

Fucked my principal, just so I could blackmail the old man! I could never be called a good student and I’m pretty sure I skipped more classes than I attended. I ended up getting called to the principal’s office and Mr. Wright was not happy with me, as per usual. I was even less happy about wasting my free period, having to deal with him and his bullshit lectures. He’s a boring, skinny bald guy that’s gone as far as he can in life and he knows it.

I bet his wife hasn’t fucked him in months, hell maybe even years, his agony is printed all over his face and in his trousers. He’d be lucky to have a sexy, tight young pussy like mine, at least that’s what I told myself every time I entered that silly little office of his. Let’s just say that I knew one day he and my pussy would become well acquainted with one another, to ensure I get my diploma. While in his office, he was going on about suspending me and me not being able to graduate if I didn’t smarten up. Smarten up huh? Oh indeed I shall and that’s when I decided to put my little plan into action to get my way and then some.

Blackmail is a dish, best served naked is all I kept thinking, as I pretended to listen to him.

I was actually giving him little hints by leaning back, slowly lifting my skirt up to my thighs and licking my lips. When he shifted in his seat and cleared his throat, I knew he was getting hard and I undid the buttons on my blouse. He asked what I was doing and I said we could figure out a way to make sure I graduate, without a suspension on my record. He asked what I had in mind and I shrugged as I leaned forward, showing him my big bouncy tits, while I grabbed my cell phone out my bag. “You tell me what you want,” I told him as I turned it on and began filming. He pushed himself back in his chair and said that he wanted me to show him how bad I wanted to graduate and to do it while putting my tits in his face. I hesitated of course, but complied with his demand!

I pretended to be unsure, telling him I didn’t really want to do that and he said he knew I wanted it. He said I was a little cock tease and that I knew exactly what I was doing. He kept pressuring me and I finally caved. I couldn’t very well be on video seducing him could I? That was all him and the video shot on my phone was all the proof I’d ever need for this blackmail. I stood up and went to his desk, discreetly propping my phone up against his pencil holder.

Stupid fuck was so busy thinking with his other head that he never even noticed the phone and that most definitely worked in my favor.

I stood out of view, as I took my clothes off and he grabbed me, pulling me towards him. He began touching me, his dry crusty hands sliding over my tits and then down to my little pussy. He reached down with one hand and undid his trousers, before reaching in and pulling out his old wrinkly dick. Then he made me get down on my knees and suck him off until he was completely hard then pulled me to my feet. I asked him to stop because I didn’t like this but he knew I didn’t mean it. Who cares? I mean, I got my apprehension on video and his persistence, which was the icing on my blackmail cake!

I climbed on his lap and lowered myself down on him, making him moan as my tight wet pussy covered him. He grabbed my ass, told me how fucking tight I was and I began to ride him. I held his head and pressed it between my tits as I moved faster and faster. So I squeezed my pussy around his dick, working his shaft and driving him crazy. I whispered in his ear to spank me and he gave my ass a stinging smack. I bounced on his dick harder and his teeth grazed my tits, as he started to blow his thick ancient cum all over. Then I got off his lap and made him finish himself off with his hand, pretending to be ashamed and sad.

You see he thought fucking me was all I meant by ensuring my diploma and that couldn’t have been further from the truth!

Anyway, I got dressed and squeezed out a few tears for the camera, just to seal the deal. I then grabbed the phone, shut it off and stuffed it in my bra, before letting him in on the fact that I had taped everything. He sat there stunned, like a fucking retard as I headed for the door, I turned to him and began my list of demands and threatened to post my video on EVERY social media site out there. You wanna know what I asked for? You want to know about his reaction or how his secretary heard everything and have a few demands of her own?!?! Hmmm, I’d love to tell you every juicy detail and the only way I can is if you call me!

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