He Didn’t Know He Fucked His Own Daughter

Daddy was always coming home late. He and his mom had been fighting a lot. I hated when they fought. So I would always cry in my room when I heard her call him a “worthless cheater”. I loved my daddy very much and I knew that he was doing all that he could to keep his family happy. It really pissed me off when mom would act like such a bitch with him. That’s why I decided to take matters into my own hands one night as a good daughter should.

It was raining really hard that night and mom had been up cursing and calling all of my dad’s friends asking them if they knew where he was. Apparently, she had cooked a special dinner for him and he was super late. Finally, she went to her room and the cursing and screaming stopped. I decided to wait for daddy in the living room. I wanted to make sure that when he came home he was greeted the way he deserved to be greeted.

So I waited for what seemed like forever and then finally I heard daddy’s car pull up.

I saw him stumble into the door. I saw him stagger into the living room and plop down onto the couch. He looked like he had just been out having fun with the boys. He didn’t see me sitting in the chair right next to the couch and when I got up and started walking towards him, dressed in my pretty white nightgown, he was startled a little bit.

I sat on daddy’s lap. He told me I was beautiful and then he kissed me. This kiss was different from any kiss he had ever given me before. It was longer and deeper. With his lips pressed up against mine, he reached for my small breasts and began rubbing them. Daddy had never touched me like that before. I was frozen. Not because it didn’t feel good but, because it was something I had never experienced before…with anyone.

He raised my gown above my hips and placed his two fingers inside of my panties. He smiled and said that he loved me. The only thing else I heard was the sound of his pants unzipping. From that point on I just remember Daddy telling me not to moan so loud or I would wake up the baby. Did he think I was mom? He forced my tight, young pussy onto his hard-stabbing cock over and over until all I could do was close my eyes and take it deep inside of me. The pain and pleasure were overwhelming. The first time I came was on my daddy’s cock.

He rocked me back and forth on his dick until he couldn’t take the deep massage of my pussy on his shaft anymore.

He placed his hand over my mouth and drilled me deeply right there on the living room floor. It wasn’t until the nut was busted that I think he realized that he had actually fucked his own daughter. The whole time, in his drunken state, he thought I was mom. He stumbled upstairs to his bedroom after saying he was sorry.

I wasn’t sorry. I was happy that I made daddy feel good. And every night after that I waited for him and made sure that he got the greeting that he deserved.

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