Getting Fucked by a Ghost!

I didn’t think anything crazy would happen when I moved into this little town. I was excited to rent my very first townhome and just enjoy being on my own. I’d walked through the place a few times and just knew it was for me! I quickly signed all the paperwork and moved in. Little did I know about the ghost that would soon cum along.

I started to get to know the neighbors the left nearby. They all seemed to say the same thing; your house is haunted. I was always able to just laugh it off because I’ve never believed in that stuff before. My entire life I’ve gone with the belief that ghost aren’t real.

I’d been living there for a few months when I started to feel something different around the house. I’d lie in bed and night and feel like someone was staring at me, but the second I’d flip the lights on there would be nothing. I chalked this all up to me overthinking everything. Although it was starting to scare me, I was able to talk myself out of that fear. Then something insane happened!

I was nearly asleep one night, right at that point where you just feel amazing. Everything seems to be just so happy and you don’t have a care in the world. That’s when I heard my door open. Because I was in this state of sleep, I thought it was all in my head, so I just stayed in bed. I could hear footsteps across my room and then stop next to my bed. Again, I thought I was just dreaming. That’s when I felt my sheets go flying back. I gasped for air as a slow chill rolled over my body.

My eyes flew open and I started reaching for the light but I was stopped when I felt hands on my legs. I held my breath trying not to make a sound. The hands were large and very manly. I could feel my body becoming aroused and start to react to the touch. As the hands traveled up my legs I reached over and flicked my lights on.

Standing above me was…NOTHING! There wasn’t a single thing or person in my room. I could still feel the hands traveling up my body. As they got nearer to my crotch, I had to control every inch of my body to not push upwards against the hands.

I could clearly see the outline of a man’s hand as it slipped into my panties. At this, I gave up trying to figure out what the hell was going on and gave into the ghost. His hands pressed my legs open so that he could feel my wet pussy. This is when I felt his warm breath right next to my ear.

What do you think he whispers into my ear. Does he fuck me or am I just dreaming?

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 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke