My Fuck Treat happened when I left for the sorority Halloween party dressed as Catwoman.  I had no idea how strange a night I was about to have.   A kidnapper grabbed me and threw me into a car trunk. We traveled a distance before hands lifted and carried me a short distance into a house.

Hands undid my pants and pulled them off me.  Then, a stronger hand forced itself between my legs. Terrified, I tried to scream but nothing came out…of my mouth that is. I couldn’t believe it!  But, even before those fingers found my snatch I was dripping wet. Holy FUCK! I wanted a cruel rape treat! How…umm…FUCKED-UP was that?

I was DYING for cock, after getting fingered by my abductor!  He pulled his fingers from my pussy and shoved them in my mouth! Next, I felt a HUGE cock force it’s way into me. While moaning with delight, the mask came off my eyes.  I looked into the face… of my LITTLE BROTHER, and I couldn’t BELIEVE how fucking HUGE his cock was!

I was faced with a choice! Whether to fuck my kid brother or, not?  Then, when push-came-to-shove, I drilled down hard on him!  At first, I was trying to go easy, since he’s a kid.  But, he proved up to the task!  We fucked all night and I did the walk of shame the next morning! After that, everytime our folks left the room, we were ALL over each other!

Now, who wouldn’t want a FUCK TREAT for Halloween?  And, the way he carried it out was both sexy and scary.  My pussy drips thinking about him. And, I’m always looking for guys to stand-in for him!

A LITTLE BROTHER’S Loving Is What I Needed!


CUM & Take Me TOO!