Fuck Stories: We Fucked In The Backseat of a Moving Car

Fuck stories, everyone has ’em. I was in high school dating a cute stoner and he really loved to fuck. I mean… even whilst his younger brother slept in the bed next to his! And he really wanted to fuck everywhere.

It was a Saturday night and my cousin and I were bored out of our minds. At about 9 pm her boyfriend calls and says for us to sneak out and jump in the car. So, obviously, we got dressed fast and shut off the bedroom light so my cousin’s grandma wouldn’t think anything of it. And we heard a low rumbling of his red Camaro outside of her window.

We both crawl out of the window one by one and book it for the car. I dive into the backseat and she jumps in the front. There I was greeted by my boyfriend who was laughing because of how funny we had looked running. My cousin and I were panting and laughed our asses off with our boyfriends as we drove off.

The night was filled with fun.

Fast food, good music, laughing and kissing. The whole night was amazing. We spent most of it getting stoned out by this place called Paradise Cove. Which was just a small wash that was dried up at the time. And we spent most of the night smoking pot and laughing there.

As it got to be about 1 am the boys thought it would be good to take us back to my cousin’s. So, we all jumped in the car again. I sat in the back seat with my boyfriend and we made out for a few minutes as my cousin and her boyfriend argued, like always. We weren’t jealous like them so we didn’t have many arguments.

I am just so turned on by my guy that I just couldn’t help but stick his hand between my thighs. He feels how wet my young, tight pussy is and he starts to finger me. My cousin looks back for just a second and says “Oh my god. Warn me next time!”

Her boyfriend turns up the music and laughs saying, “Babe, let them be. It’s cool.” And my boyfriend then pushes me down into the seats and gets on top of me. Which was a bit hard considering it was an older Camaro.

He pulls up my shirt and bra.

And starts sucking on my nipples. I just don’t care that my cousin and her boyfriend were in the car. I start to unzip his pants and pull out his hard cock. He quickly lifts my skirt and pulls my little thong to the side.

I can feel his cock start to enter me as we pull onto one of the busiest streets in our town. But, I couldn’t care less. I am a hot little thing with a tight teen pussy. And I know what I want and I want it NOW.

He fucks me for a few minutes as we fly down the street and get to my cousin’s house. I cum on his cock and he doesn’t know what to do except blow his hot teen load inside of me. So, I tell him it’s okay and to do it. He shoots and loves how good it feels to cum inside a hot pussy.

I kiss him goodbye and tell him I’ll see him at school on Monday. And I crawl back into the house through the window… filled with cum. And to this day it remains to be one of my absolute favorite fuck stories.

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