While on summer break from school I wanted to look into some extra classes.

I was looking on craigslist for extra school classes to take over the summer. I found an ad saying “Mistress Ruby’s fuck school” It peeked my interest, so I clicked on it. The ad read:

Mistress Ruby’s fuck school

Wonder why you never feel fulfilled after getting laid?

Keep blaming it on the vanilla men you sleep with?

Tired of faking your orgasms?

Well it’s time to take control!

For 15 years Mistress Ruby’s fuck school has taught plenty of women just like you

How to take control of their sex life.

Mistress Ruby’s 6 week class teaches you everything you need to know about sex.

I called and got all the information and waited patiently for the day my classes started.

The uniform consisted of crotchless panties for every class, a short plaid skirt, and a white button up with a bow, No bras were to be worn.

When the first day of classes rolled around I was so excited. I wondered what we would learn!

When I got to the school I stopped in amazement. It looked like a small castle, except it was all black. I opened the large wooden doors and entered a large room. It had beautiful marble floors with a large U shaped glass desk in the middle. A dark haired woman sat at the desk, working on the computer. She was wearing a very tight black dress with red heels on that had a strap around the ankle. I walked up to the desk and said “Hi, I’m Blair Jones. I’m supposed to be here for Mistress Ruby’s fuck school.” She smiled and said “Ah yes, Blair. I have everything you need right here. You’ll be in classroom C which is right down this right hallway, first door on your left.”

She handed me some forms I had to sign, A name tag, pink vibrator, Nipple clamps, Lubricant, Rope, A butt plug and a silk backpack to keep everything in.

I walked down the hall to classroom C, took a deep breath and opened the door. It was set up like a typical classroom. 4 rows of desks, a teacher’s desk and a chalkboard. There was about 12 other women in there. I took a seat at the only open desk behind this other blonde. She turned around and smiled at me, And her nametag read “Kelsey” I signed all the release forms. Unsure why I needed to, But I trusted this. After about 10 minutes a woman walked in. She was wearing a tight strapless dress with a slit up the side, and black heels.

She had long wavy red hair, glasses, and what looked to be beautiful Double D Breasts.

“Alright Ladies, My name Is Mistress Ruby. You will only refer to me as Mistress. You’re all here for one reason, and that is that you all want to be better at pleasing yourself, and your sexual partners. I have been teaching this class for 15 years now, I’m also a real-life dominatrix, which I did full time before this. Sex is a way of life ladies, you need to know how to do it right. Over this 6 week program you will learn the basics on how to please yourself alone, how to please the same and opposite sex, and how to use someone else’s sexual parts as your own tools for pleasure.”

“You will also be learning different sexual Techniques, Including bdsm, Teasing, oral perfection, and double penetration, among other things. Everyone is to be here on time everyday, or there will be repercussions. Today we’re going to start with self pleasure. I’m going to need a volunteer who thinks she knows how to correctly get herself off.”

A few ladies raise their hands, and I see her looking around the room. She points at a Brunette named Abby and says “Grab your vibrator and take a seat in this chair.” The chair had little rests for legs, so you could open them nice and wide. Abby got up and sat in the chair. She propped her legs up and we could perfectly see her pussy in the crotchless panties. “Perfect Abby, nice choice in panties! Now you can start pleasing yourself with that vibrator, and don’t be shy about it.”

Abby took the Vibrator, put it on her clit, and closed her eyes.

“No no no Abby. You can’t be shy like that. You need to keep your eyes open and be comfortable with someone watching you please yourself.” “Yes Mistress” Abby replied. Now looking at everyone in the class. She put her fingers on her pussy to spread her lips open. She started moving in a way we could tell she liked it. As she’s adjusting the vibrator in different spots she starts to pant, and moan. Her legs shaking and her pussy dripping onto the chair. After a few minutes she starts to moan louder, we see her legs tense up and she starts to squirt all over the floor. Her face was flushed when she was done, and Mistress put her hand on her shoulder.

“You see ladies, Abby wasn’t too shy to get up here and please herself in front of you. And I expect the same out of all of you. Good job Abby, you can go back to your desk.”

“Thank you Mistress!”Abby replied bouncing back to her desk. That was one of the sexiest things I had ever witnessed. “Later this week when you ladies return, I suggest you put on your comfortable panties. Because you’ll all be just as exposed as Abby.” I left with a soaking wet pussy, ready to try out what I watched Abby do when I got home. I couldn’t wait for the next class at Mistress Ruby’s fuck school!

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