As much as we love the Holidays, there is a fuck lot to do. I am not a girl that can ever leave the house in sweatpants and T-shirt. So when I had to take my Fiance’s niece out to get a pic with Santa, I dressed the part. I was wearing a tight red dress, thigh high boots, and not much else. Even my niece did a double take when I picked her up. After driving around the mall for 20 minutes looking for parking I said fuck it. I knew one of those roadside Christmas tree places that offered pics with Santa, and decided to try there.

It was dusk, and the place was dead. When I went to the booth for pictures, a little 10 x 10 tent with zip up walls and a red chair, even it was empty. A girl came out and said Santa was on his way, and to go in the tent. When he walked in, my legs went numb. He was a gorgeous Lumberjack type guy- stocky, muscular, and with bright blue eyes. He sat down, and I caught him eyeing me. The assistant came in to take the pic, and my niece asked why Santa had a tree branch in his lap. He turned red, and the elf helper giggled. They took the pic and I asked the elf if I could privately talk to Santa, and if she could show my niece some trees.

As soon as they left us alone, I sat on Santa’s lap. She wasn’t kidding,  he did have a fucking tree branch for a cock. I asked if I had been good or bad as I stroked him and he said he wasn’t sure. I lifted the back of my dress, rubbed my wet pussy on his cock, and asked again. He said getting better. I reached back, unzipped him, and felt his cock slide into me. He grabbed my hips, and said I was being very good as he filled my pussy with his Santa cream.
Just then my niece came back in and asked if we could go. I smiled as Santa zipped up and said sure. When I stood up she saw some cum dripping down my leg, and asked what it was. I told her peppermint cream from Santa. She rushed right over to see if it really was.

Call me now and I will tell you how that ended. Also, this was the first time I cheated on Norman in a while. Think you can give me a reason to do it again?