I Love to Fuck Random Guys

That’s why I agreed to give my holes up for a kinky female gloryhole last week. I just can’t get enough random cocks! Will wasn’t going to host another sex party anytime soon so I decided to throw my own and stream it for anyone willing to pay the admission. I put an ad out, advertising that I wanted to fuck random guys. I gave out my address and set up a secret spy cam on my dresser. All these guys knew was that I wanted to get fucked all day by random cocks. They had no clue about my spy cam. And no idea that our fucking was about to get broadcast to all my paying followers. I love being so naughty!


The day of my own personal sex party, I woke up to a line forming outside my door. I dressed in a very slutty teddy with the crotch cut out. Then I did my hair and make-up like a pornstar ready for the camera. I gave a quick hello to my audience watching live and told them I hoped to set a record for taking the most cocks in a day. Then I opened the door to my first guy. 

He was young and extremely hot! I wanted my audience to get a good first show so I threw him on my bed. Then I stripped him down, the way a MILF should devour her young prey. His big cock was standing at attention and ready to fuck. I rode that cock hard and fast. We came hard together. His cock totally spent, I excused him and checked my comments. Everyone loved it and I even got some huge tips. They love when I fuck random guys just as much as I do!

So Many Cocks!

The next few guys, I sucked their cocks first before I let them fuck me. One guy wanted doggy-style, then the next guy wanted reverse cowgirl. I loved mixing it up. So far no guy was able to go for round two. I guess they gave it their all the first time. Plus, my tight twat is pretty good at completely draining guys. 

However, it was probably guy number ten that went up to round three! It’s no surprise he was a young fit black guy. Best of all, his huge thick cock was practically made of steel. First, I sucked that cock, of course. I absolutely needed to taste it. And then he came on my face. Then he picked me up and impaled me on his cock, cumming in my twat. Then he bent me over the bed and fucked my little asshole. We fucked for over an hour, until he blew his final load in my ass. He made me cum so many times! Completely exhausted, I had to take a break before the next guy. There were so many comments about how hot that was. I rested for a few more minutes then was ready for the next cock. I should fuck random guys more often. 


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