The After Fuck Nut

After my boyfriend fucks me hard and cums inside of my pussy or asshole I’m still really horny and ready for another round of fucking. So, when he’s fast asleep after busting the best nut of his life, I sneak away and do something that he is totally clueless about.


I run a nice hot bath for myself, light a few candles and masturbate while thinking of you. The warm water makes my clit silky smooth as I close my eyes and fondle my tits. I’m thinking of your voice and how you make me cream with every word that cums out of your mouth. Licking my lips and arching my back, I start to play with my pussy lips. I can’t believe how horny I am after such a long fuck from my boyfriend. But it’s true I can’t get enough of you.

Spreading my legs in the tub and allowing the water to rush my pussy hole, I can feel my body relaxing and preparing to cum hard for you baby. My clit begins to swell as I think about all of the naughty things I like to do with you. I love that we have no limits and that you don’t mind if I cum multiple times with you. I begin to moan as I insert two fingers into my pussy. Then I start to quiver in the water.

Not because I am cold, but because I need you so badly!

Moaning and stroking. Stroking and moaning. I’m now realizing that I need to let you hear me cum. I want to let you in on this dirty little secret of mine. I’m so close to exploding and squirting my cum in the water, but you should be the one to reap the benefits of this cum fantasy. You should be the one to take it all in. All of this lust and seduction. It belongs to you. Claim what is yours.

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