Fuck My Mom? Go Pro’s Make The Best Blackmail

Did you ever have that moment when you thought “I want to fuck my mom”? Well here is a story of one of those such inceidents! I was just minding my own business doing the dishes in the kitchen, whenever I was approached by my son. And his hand he had his GoPro that his father and I had bought for him last Christmas. He used it to do all kinds of skateboarding tricks and such and he loved to come into my room and show me all of this Adventures he had been on.

I figured today was like any other day, he would be showing me some high jumps he had done to give me a heart attack. However, the cocky little grin on his face told me that something else was going on. It wasn’t his skateboard tricks he was going to be sharing with me this time. However, it was me bent over my marriage bed, with the cock of another man sliding deep inside of me. My breast rattles back and forth as he fucked me hard and his hands around my waist. I had no idea how my son had gotten a hold of this tape. I guess he had left his GoPro in my room last time he showed me and it recorded the whole event without me knowing.

He had the upper hand on me.

Something, I did not let my children have very often. I asked him what he wanted, surely not to break his dad’s heart and share it with him. Although that was exactly what he was threatening to do. He wanted to share this video with his father unless I gave him what he wanted. I was a little dumbfounded honestly, the boy has everything you could ever want. However, it wasn’t something monetary he wanted this time. He wanted to fuck his mother the way that stranger had in our marriage bed.

I laughed at my son thinking he must be telling me a joke. I offered him an upgraded gaming system instead. However with his finger on speed-dial hovered over my husband’s name I knew he wasn’t joking. The little fucking snipe had gone and blackmailed his mother and two fucking him. I unbutton his pants and gave him a haphazard handjob. My

The little fucking snipe had an agenda which was to “Fuck my mom”!

I unbutton his pants and gave him a haphazard handjob. My son saw straight through it, told me I better enjoy every second of fucking him or he was going to tell my husband. I wasn’t ready at that time for my husband to find out what kind of a dirty slut his wife was. With a little bit of resistance, I sought the urge to be satisfied as I sucked him faking every second of it. Although, it was quite hard my son is very well endowed and it did feel kind of good. However, I knew that it was so long but he did get for her from me.

My son was smart enough to Blackmail his way right into his mommy’s country, he could go anywhere in the world. I really should be proud of my boy. And he blew his load all over my tits and face. Someone said when Daddy got home to give him a nice kiss with his cum used as lip gloss. I honestly found it a bit hot, I didn’t hesitate to do it at all. My naughty son was going places in this world. Like balls deep in his mother.

Do you find yourself thinking ” I want to fuck my mom”?

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