Fuck my mom and then fuck me

“Fuck my mom and me!  Please!”

That’s what I had to shout at you once you found out our big family secret.  If that secret got out, it would be the end for us.  We’d lose everything.  And that’s exactly how you threatened us once you found out the truth.  I know you’ve had a thing for me and my mom for a while now.  You never look either of us in the eye when talking to us.  You’re too distracted by our massive tits to look anywhere else.  I wonder how many nights you’ve spent jerking off to the fantasy of sliding your cock in between our tits?

Well, now you get your chance

Mom is just as desperate as I am for you to keep our secret.  So when you instructed us to put out tits together, neither of us could say no.  I got on top of my own mom, smashing my huge tits against her even bigger ones.  The space between them was so small.  It must have felt like the tightest pussy ever when you slid your cock in between them.  What’s worse, you made my poor mother lick your asshole while you grounded you filthy cock against us.  Occasionally, you’d make me lick your dirty cockhead, too.  I was sure you were going to splash my face with your equally disgusting cum.  But you had other plans for that.

You moved to the other side of us and alternated between her milf pussy and my virgin one, Slamming your cock inside of them until your cock decides who’s going to get impregnated.  My mom and I are so nervous, only thinking about one thing.  Who’s going to get the cumshot?  Who’s going to have your baby?

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