“I want to fuck my mom. My suburban conservative Catholic housewife mom.”

I remember the first time one of my regular callers called to confess “I want to fuck my mom.” We proceeded to have some therapy phone sex, me probing him about his secret mom fantasies and doing some “Oedipal retraumatization,” as I uniquely call it.

His lust for his “suburban conservative Italian Catholic housewife” mother has been there as long as he can remember. Not to mention listening to him, I could picture the maternal figure exactly, as my father (a conservative Italian Catholic as well) sent me to Catholic school during my early childhood years. He said it was to make sure I learned “morality and important values.” Ha.

Mommy phone sex is the best phone sex

One reason I love playing my caller’s phonesex mommy during our taboo role-plays is his use of very real (and very specific) details from his childhood. Recently, we took a memory from his early teens of finding his mom trying on her 20-plus-year-old wedding clothes in the attic. His mother noticed him watching from the stairs and beckoned him over to her, asking him to zip her up. Although the stockings, garter, and dress were a little snug, nevertheless they still fit.

He stood behind her. Both of them looked in the mirror at themselves and her in her gown and he knew he wanted her even more. He inhales her sweet neck, runs his hands down her silky waist and hips.

“I found the book you got for dad,” he tells his mother. “How To Make Love To A Woman, which he in fact never read.” His mother knew all about his panty sniffing, but reading that adult book too? Wow.

In spite of his hesitation, his curious teenage fingers slide up his mother’s dress, between her smooth stockings. She’s not wearing panties. Her full, gorgeous bush is already soaking wet. He slips the first finger inside, feeling her back arch as she lets out a soft moan of pleasure. She presses against him harder.

What’s your mommy phone sex fantasy? All in all, we both know I have what you need!