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Mom has been training me to care for the needs of men since before I can remember. We lived and worked in a house with several other women and a very mean man. Mom would tell me to avoid the boss man. I remember her and the other ladies saying he would start me too soon if I got his attention.

I knew it meant I would have to take the men who came to the door upstairs and fuck them. When I turned 12, I was bringing drinks and cigars to the men. Several asked for me but the boss told them he was gonna do something special with me since I was so pretty. I never dreamed he was gonna auction me but that is exactly what he did! He arranged an auction and I was bathed and dressed in the silkiest most revealing dress. He then had me to stand on a small stage in the middle of the room.

My young breasts were shining with the pink nipples standing taught against the sensation of the silk and the chill of the room. There were so many leering men that I had to stop looking them in the eyes. I was shaking and scared knowing exactly what was expected of me.

Mom was so happy, she kept telling me that this was the best way. If I got a good man he would set me up as his mistress and I would only ever have to sleep with him and I would have my very own private home to entertain him at his leisure! It was supposed to be the best life for a whore. Why was I not more excited?

I had a tingling sensation deep inside me!

I suppose the reason I was scared was for fear I would get one of the bad ones. What did it mean if he was a bad one? It meant that he would beat me and make me sleep with whoever he wanted when he wanted. I would be his sex slave until he threw me out with the trash. Nope, I was not excited until I saw him.

A tall dark gorgeous man who had a strong hard body but a cold hard look in his eyes. For him, I had a tingling sensation deep inside me. As he stood there I heard him say, she is just a child and a virgin what good is she to me. My mother leaned against him and said “because you can train her to be whatever you want and take her when you please.  She is such a stunning girl already and when her curves come in she will be amazing!” He looked my mom up and down and turned toward the boss.

That night there was a heated struggle but eventually, the tall dark man won me for a large sum but to everyone surprise, his agreement with the boss was to buy my Mom as well. On the way to his apartment he told my Mom she was going to teach me how to please him I would watch everything but not participate and no one was to deflower me until he was ready to take me.

I would drive him insane with my tight teen pussy!

Every night I loved watching them fuck. He was such a strong lover and my mom was so gorgeous. She knew her trade well. Afterward, when it was just me and her she would ask me questions, like did I see how she was working her tongue over his dick and balls while stroking him at the same time?

Mom also had me working my pussy muscles to make myself so tight so that if I clenched myself just at the right moment when he was climaxing it drove him insane. I was a good student. Even when I felt myself becoming horny I never touched myself or stuck anything inside me to keep my pussy perfect for our lover.

When I was 15 he came to my room and got me by myself. He took me into his bed and ate my pussy until I came so hard I thought surely he would drown. I wanted to feel his dick so deep inside me but he denied me and told me I tasted as sweet as he knew I would.

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This happened many times over the year just giving and receiving oral sex from him but never fucking. Until my sweet 16th birthday when he finally took me with my mom watching but not participating.

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