Fuck Mom Fantasy

Fuck Mom Fantasy, My Son Pimps Me Out To His Football Team. Those kinky sex stories  of him watching this mom get fucked overcame him. Sometimes dreams can turn into reality and that is exactly what was roaming around in Jay’s mind. Being the MILF, I was spank bank material but Jay needed more than that. When Jay came across a gang bang that’s all it took for him to make plans for his mom.

The football team was the biggest group of people he knew that could fuck me as good as all the porn movies he’s seen. Tricking me into thinking he had a special dinner to attend for the end of the school year he got me to go. Dressed to the nines in a hot new red dress and sky high heels I was dressed to impress. I’d had my eye on the assistant coach last fall so I was pretty excited to show off my assets to him. Never did I dream that my assets would be used by a group of teen boys.

Walking into the locker room thinking it was strange to have a formal dinner here I looked around curiously. Jay just smiled and put a hand in the small of my back and ushered me inside. Because it was a dimly lit locker room my eyes were squinted trying to figure out where we were going. “Mom, there is a surprise for you!”. Turning around I saw a smile spread across his face and his voice changed.

Confused, this MILF looked around only to see football players emerge from the shadows fully dressed out. Each of the players waving money in the air telling Jay they were ready to fuck.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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