Fuck my mom. The words you thought would never turn you on.

Oh, the oedipus complex: The complex of emotions aroused in a young child, typically around the age of four, by an unconscious sexual desire for the parent of the opposite sex and a wish to exclude the parent of the same sex. Most men don’t or won’t say “I want to fuck my mom.” At first, as it can be commonly noticed, young kids get super jealous of anyone that takes away or distracts their mother from giving them full and complete attention. It can so annoying to be around.

As the boy gets older and matures. He starts to notice his feelings for his mother start to change. She freely undresses in front of him. He notices her beautiful full breasts released from her bra. And he is suddenly and unexpectedly aroused.

One day he lies in bed with a completely erect penis. He touches himself. He can hear his mom in the next room getting fucked really hard by his dad. Her moans and grunts make his cock even harder. He imagines her full breasts being sucked by his dad. He becomes jealous and horny at the same time.

Then he thinks again, “I want to fuck my mom.”

He sneaks out of his room. Trying to be careful not to make the wooden floors creak with his steps. Their door is a tiny bit cracked. He sees his mom with his dad’s huge cock in her mouth. He gets jealous and even more horny. Never knew how big his dad’s cock was or even that his mom sucked it. His dad was moaning with pleasure. He wished his cock was as big as his dad’s. He wondered if his mom would want to fuck him if she knew how horny she made him.

You may wonder how I came up with this story. Obviously, I have had mommy phone sex. It can be the best phone sex. It is so intimate and private to learn about these often secretive and erotically taboo feelings.