Fuck me Under the Mistletoe

I love holiday time. All the pretty decorations and no school. Lots of celebrating! But one of my favorite traditions is mistletoe. The kissing is divine. I mean I really love kissing anytime but I have a special mistletoe game I love to play every year. A new tradition. A new kind of mistletoe fun to be had. Let’s fuck under the mistletoe.

A lucky boy(or girl) each year(sometimes more than one) follows that mistletoe over every inch of my body. Maybe this year it will be your turn;). I’d love to share the tradition with you! I’ll pull it down and join you in bed. Let’s both be naked;).

I’ll hold it over each and every spot I want them to kiss me, lick me, suck me. Trailing that sweet little bundle over my lips, my jawline, my neck. Your lips follow, caressing my lips, softly moving over my jaw, down my neck. Kissing my collarbones, teasing my chest with your tongue. I know you want my taut nipples in your mouth but I tease you…and myself to be honest;). Moving the bundle up onto each tit, between them, around each hard nipple. Finally allowing you to taste them. Swirl your tongue around them. Tease them with your teeth.

I’m getting so wet with this warm wet assault to my senses.

My pussy is tingling. I’m grinding up against you already as much as I can. Trailing the mistletoe down my stomach, over each hip bone. Teasing until I can’t take it anymore.

You know that when I put that mistletoe over my pussy(as much as I love your mouth there) you get to slide inside me. The grand prize of my little game for being such a good follower. I tease you. Quickly brushing it over my pussy and back up. I finally look up at you, kiss you and pull you into me. Fuck me beneath the mistletoe it’s pure ecstasy every time. Join me

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