Don’t be fooled silly lovesick boys.

Girls may tell you they want you to be romantic, they want flowers & candy, and beautiful expensive dinners, diamonds and jewlery and all that. All that sweet stuff is well and good, I’m sure your efforts will be rewarded with a mediocre blowjob, and some form of the missionary position, and back to the cock stroking with her barley licking the tip…. oh and you can bet your sweet ass, she’s gonna SPIT!


Say, you were to MANHANDLE me(her)? Think about that… Her walking in from a long days work and as soon as she puts her purse down, you RAVAGE her. Push her ass against the wall, and kiss her HARD. Her neck, her chest, her big mounds. Keep your hands moving, gripping, kneading. RIP her shirt open, and suckle and bite her aching nipples and for GOD sake, go down on her worked in PUSSY! ( we like to know that you like the way WE taste, in our own natural juices, we’ve marinated all day.. so EAT UP!)

So many times I want to tell my “fuck of the month” to – “FUCK ME LIKE YOU HATE ME!”

Gentlemen, every woman likes to be romanced, but every woman doesn’t like to be romanced all the time. Mount us, and give us an animalistic fuck. Think of it as burying your big cock into our sopping wet pussy and fucking us so hard your trying to bust our gut. YES, I said that & I meant it. It will NOT be rountine, or MEDIOCRE.

Take my advice. DON’T do the romance, just once… try it!

Don’t make her look at you and say ‘fuck me like you hate me”

Just go ahead and do it

and by all means… let me know how it turns out!


Wanna get rough with me? Have some rough and raunchy HATE sex?

Ring me up



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