When I meet a new man, and I know I want something more than just a friendship. I just have one thing to tell them. Fuck me like you hate me! Yes, you read right. How you may ask?

SPANK ME : Bend me over your lap, or anywhere you’d like. Pull up my skirt or pull down my pants and leave a hand print on my ass. Yes! Spank me so hard I cry. Leave my pretty tan ass bright red. I dare you.

SLAP ME : Mhmm. Slap me. Hold my face with one hand, I want to feel your breath on me as you look at me with hate. Slap me!

INSULT ME : Nothing will make me wetter than you calling me a cum whore, your little slut. Call me whatever you want, come up with your best insult. Let me hear it. Get my juices flowing.

TIE ME UP : I want to be your fuck toy. Tie me up. Put me in the position you want. I want you to tie me up with rope, duct tape, whatever you have at hand. Just do it! I want to feel pain as whatever you use rubs against my skin making it red and sore. Do it!

PULL MY HAIR : Just as you’re about to fuck me, pull my hair back. Show me who the boss is. I want to feel your hands caressing my hair, then pulling it hard as you’re about to stick your big cock inside me.

POUND ME : Yes, pound me. Pound me hard and deep. I want to feel your cock deep inside me. I want to feel all of you in one hard thrust. Give it to me! Make me yours. Make me wish I’d been a good girl. Pound me so hard it hurts when I cum all over your cock.

CHOKE ME : Your hands belong around my throat. Just as you feel I’ve had my first orgasm and you’re working on giving me another one, wrap your hands around me. I want to feel your hands tighten as my pussy does the same around your cock. Creaming on it one more time.

CUM : I’m yours to cum anywhere you want. My face. My tits. My ass. My mouth. I want your creamy load anywhere you want to give it to me. I’m your little cum slut and I want to please you.

That’s how I want it. I want you to fuck me like you hate. Have no compassion. Now call me and tell me how you like it!



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