Working with all guys is a lot easier than working with a bunch of catty women. Instead of always gossiping about other co-workers, you go to happy hour and talk shit about the boss. One summer, I was receptionist at a garage and was the only girl at work. I actually liked it since I didn’t have to deal with all the drama that came with having other female co-workers. And the guys weren’t exactly my type, but they were fun to be around. I took their passes a jokes and they finally got the hint that I was just one of the boys.

That is until Hector came on board as the latest mechanic. He was a young, Hispanic guy that was tall, dark and handsome – three things that I couldn’t resist. He as shy and quite and I knew I wanted him the moment I first laid eyes on him so I tried everything in the book to try and get him to notice me, but to no avail. I wasn’t sure if he had a girlfriend, was married or even gay and was determined to find out. After asking a few of the guys at work about Hector’s romantic life, I found out he was single and just very shy. Guess he was trying to make an impression on the boss or something or the other guys might have told him that I was off limits no matter how hard he’d try.
I decided it was time to make the first move and one night after closing as he was cleaning up the garage and I was filling invoices, I chatted up a conversation with him about how I loved classic Mustangs. There happened to be a 1969 Mustang in the shop that I adored and he was working on it, so I kept asking all these questions as I made my way over to him to gently touch his hand. When I did, I saw that “I want to fuck” look in his eye and decided to just go for it and kissed him.
He was totally into it and kissed me back and I whispered in his ear how I’d never had sex in a Mustang and suggested we get it on the one he was working on. Being a man of little words, he nodded in agreement and pushed me inside the backseat. I immediately took his shirt off and unbuttoned his pants to grab his hard penis. After stroking it for a while with my hand, I pulled it out and started to suck on it as if it were a lollipop.
Right before he was going to cum, I stopped and undressed myself and told him to fuck me doggy style as I placed myself on all fours in the backseat and stuck out my ass. He readily obeyed my demand and started to pound me from behind. He even got bold and started to lightly spank me on my ass a few times. When he stopped I shouted for him to continue, but this time do it harder! We went at it like this for a few minutes before I felt the urge to dominate his rock hard cock and started to ride him. As I pumped myself up and down on his cock, he would switch off from grabbing my ass to grabbing my breasts and sucking on them one at a time. We both came and sat in the backseat smoking a cigarette.
If the owners of the Mustang only knew…
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