Fuck Buddies are the best because they fulfill all my fantasies and there are never any strings attached.

Fuck Buddies, I have a special email account that’s only for them and I know every single one of them well. I have so much fun reading the messages they send me, the highlight of my day is fingering myself while reading all the dirty things they want to do to me. I got a message from someone new last night except he wasn’t new. The mystery man who called himself XYZ000 not only knew my fuck buddy account but he also knew way too much about me to be a stranger. He was trying to hide who he was. I love a good mystery and when he told me to be naked and waiting for him with the lights off at 10 pm I did it.

     I was so excited as I laid there in the dark, the cool sheets making me shiver as my pussy ached. I’d been dying for this all day and I was so horny from all the fingering I’d done. I forced myself not to cum because I wanted to save it for him and I was on edge. When I heard him coming down the hallway it was so hard not to make the first move and I bit my lip as excitement filled me.

The door opened and I tried to get a look at his face to see which one of me Fuck Buddies it was but he’d turned off the light in the hallway so all I could see was shadows.

He shut the door behind him as I tried to figure out who it was but I was clueless. He could have been anybody. Then he got undressed and I felt the mattress dip as he got on it and touched me. His hands were big and cool from the night air and I got goosebumps as he ran his fingers over me. He put a hand between my legs and pushed a finger inside my pussy as he began nibbling on one of my breasts. His teeth grazed over it and the pain felt good as he sucked on it.

I was so wet that he quickly pushed in two more fingers and I moaned. He moved them inside me. I could feel his hard dick pressing into me and I reached down so I could touch it. I jerked him off until I could feel pre-cum all over my fingertips. He shifted and held my legs apart. I arched my hips up as his dick started entering me. He went in deep with one smooth move. I hooked my leg around him and he thrust in and out of me as I moved under him.

I put my arm over his neck and held him close as I breathed in his sexy aftershave. Then I closed my eyes and thought of who else I’ve fucked that felt like this and drew a blank. It didn’t matter who he was anymore, all that mattered was what he was doing to me. I moved with him, rolling my hips up and forward as I met his thrusts. My pussy gushed and tightened around his dick as he groaned and pushed into me, moving faster as his breath tickled me.

It got harder to breathe and I let out a loud cry as I came, my body squeezing him. He gave a few more thrusts then filled me with cum.

     I laid there panting as he got off the bed and started getting dressed. I still had no idea which one of my Fuck Buddies it was. Thought about turning on my bedside lamp but decided not to. I didn’t want to ruin the naughtiness of it all and kept my night of fucking a stranger intact.

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