Time to FUCK the BOSS LADY

I LOVE being the boss lady. I have a very dominate personality and the power of telling others what to do is a real turn on for me. One of my underlings, Harry, will do just about anything for me as he climbs the corporate ladder. However, I see that Harry has potential beyond basic dictation. I can’t help but notice how he stares at my tits and how the bulge in his pants grows to the size of a huge fist. Mmmmm. I think I have new plans for Harry. I think it’s Time to FUCK the BOSS LADY. 

But how do I go about making Harry fuck me without him knowing that I am the one controlling his every move even his sexual attraction toward me? I know how to posture my body just right and turn my head slightly away when I cross my legs knowing exactly where he’s starring. Yes. I made him stare at my crotch. I also made him lust over my luscious tits. My secret? I buy bras that are two sizes too small and they make my cleavage really pop. When I lean in to give him instructions on his next project his eyes go straight to my tits. Of course, I wear a very sheer support bra so the shape of my large and hard nipples will pierce through my blouse.

I knew Harry was hot for me. I have him right where I wanted him. So I told him, “Harry, I have a new assignment for you so you’ll have to stay late. Okay?”

He said, “Yes, boss lady”. That was the right answer. It was a “win-win” as they say in the corporate world. After the rest of the staff left. I called Harry into my office, locked the door, took off my blouse, then stepped out of my blouse, sat my hot ass on the desk, spread my legs wide and instructed Harry in a very authoritative voice, “Harry, I need you to get on your knees, crawl over here, put your head between my legs, pull my panties off with your teeth, then lick and suck my clit until my pussy drips. Then pick me up, throw me on the sofa and fuck my brains out. You got that?” Harry tore off his shirt, unzipped his pants, fell to his knees and said, “Yes Boss.”


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