I love blackmail phone sex. My new neighbors just moved in a couple of months ago. Nice couple. Handsome white guy and hot fairly older wife. However, after only a couple weeks from moving in I started to notice things.  For instance, when the wife went to work a black Lexus would appear with a sexy babe to dote on the husband. Soon I started to notice several different cars and several different ladies.  It had turned out that wifey who had lots of money and a great job, was giving her new husband time to work on “his band”. I got to observe the loving husband was anything but, giving me perfect leverage for blackmail.

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So I began taking pictures of the husband and the many sluts that would appear at his doorstep. In a weeks time I had plenty to hold over his cheating head. On this day I waited for the money bags wife to leave for work before knocking on his door.  He answered the door with a wide tooth smile when he saw it was me. He invited me in and offered me a drink or coffee.  

I declined II wanted to make it clear why I was here; so I began to show him the evidence I had against him. Knowing he was in big trouble, he simply asked how much money it would take for it to go away. I was enjoying watching him squirm. Finally I explained to him it was not money I was after. You see I knew this man filled out a speedo very well and I wanted a test drive that dick as well.

So that is exactly what would be happening from now on. I told him I wanted him to take care this sweet ebony pussy. He was now my white boy sex slave to do with what I like. Understanding that he was to give me that dick whenever I wanted it. Of course there was little thought to this. He tossed me back on the couch and began to eat my pretty pussy till I was cumming all over his face. Damn, he knew just what he was doing in that department. I enjoyed listening to him tell me how he has always longed to be with a sexy black Queen like me. Lucky for him rode him till he came deep in my pussy too. Fuck those slutty bitches, I was his obsession now.

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