Frottage has many different degrees of Rubbing!

Frottage refers to the act of rubbing body parts together for the purpose of sexual stimulation. The act of frottage usually involves two partners rubbing their genitals together, but it does not always have to involve genital contact of both partners. For instance, mammary intercourse, in which a man rubs his penis between a woman’s breasts, can also be considered frottage. The word frottage is derived from the French word frotter, which means to rub.

When clothed couples engage in frottage, it is often referred to as dry humping.

Some men just have to rub up against another in order to be stimulated.  Are you one of those men ?  it’s’ so fun watching your cock get hard from rubbing him against another cock.  And the other cock is also starting to get hard from all the rubbing.

Frottage, I love the word, I love saying it and love watching it in action.  The cocks being held together with hands stroking them up and down.

The act of frottage is making the two cocks so hard.  The two men start to wrap their whole bodies around each other, falling to the bed.  They move together rubbing, moaning and groaning while getting each other very stimulated and excited.

They’re each laying on their side, facing each other, causing enough rubbing to bring them both to ejaculation.

One of them starts to shoot his load while they both watch.  Then the other cock starts to blast his load, all over his buddy.  Both men start to rub their cum covered cocks together once again.

Frottage what a wonderful thing!!!    Give it a try, you might be surprised how good it feels…

and many different ways of looking at it…some guys put the spin of being different size cocks with their girlfriends watching the frottage.

Phone Sex!