From Humiliation to PUBLIC Humiliation!

Are you a humiliation slut? Well how do you feel about public humiliation? I have a slave which I have had so much naughty phone sex fun with. He just loves being humiliated, especially by a gorgeous Goddess such as myself. He will do anything I ask. So we have had many sessions where he goes on cam for me and I laugh at his tiny clit between his legs.

I decided to take it up a notch though, why should I be the only one that gets to laugh at this pathetic loser. I decided to add public humiliation to his agenda. First I decided he would dress up in a woman’s skimpy bikini. So, now time for the precursor. Since my slave doesn’t typically wear women’s bathing suits, he had to go purchase a bikini, but I wanted to savor his humiliation. He went to the mall and acquired assistance from the sales associate. He asked for help purchasing a bikini that would fit him and even tried it on in the fitting room! I know it made him SO nervous but gave him the biggest sexual rush ever!

Now that my humiliation slut has his bikini, the real fun begins. So my slave lives in Florida with miles and miles of beaches. His assignment was to call me from the beach while wearing his bikini. I had him walk around the beach addressing me as Mistress with every response. It was so much fun! I could hear the beach goers laughing at my little humiliation slut. I instructed him to ask a few girls if they would take a picture of him. It took him ten minutes to work up the guts to ask such a simple question. HaHa! In the meantime he was just about in tears begging me for mercy. He really didn’t want to ask anyone to take his picture. Between his begging and his extreme humiliation it was getting my pussy pretty fucking wet! I started telling him how turned on and wet I had become from humiliating him publicly! That was all it took, he went straight over to a group of girls and asked if they would take his picture. I could hear the girls laughing at him!

Does your little clit get hard thinking about a humiliation phone sex call? Are you brave enough for some public humiliation? Either way call me for some humiliation phone sex.